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GuildLink delivers a range of powerful software solutions.

GuildLink is Australia's leading provider of digital healthcare solutions and medicines information for consumers, health professionals and other partners. Our range of products and systems have one focal point - better health outcomes for patients through quality use of medicines.  

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Leaders in digital healthcare solutions

GuildCare is the leading software solution used in Australian pharmacies. With over 2500 pharmacies using the GuildCare platform, it has spearheaded the professional services transformation of Australian community pharmacy.

Customer Medication Management App. 

As part of your GuildCare subscription, your patients can access the myPharmacyLink Medication Management App, which connects them directly with your pharmacy.

The App makes eScripts easy and allows your consumers to view, order and manage their scripts safely and securely.

The trusted leader in Pharmacy websites.

Guild Digital is the leader in helping pharmacies engage with their local customers using a complete pharmacy website that delivers, all within your budget.

Guild Digital knows pharmacy and knows digital and is part of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

Working in partnership with pharmaceutical companies, we are proud to be Australia's single source of medicines information for pharmacists, medical professionals and consumers. Good health and patient safety is maximised when everyone has access to the latest medicine information.

Take the confusion out of medication.
Ask your pharmacist. is Australia's trusted source of medicines information. Consumers and health professionals alike turn toward daily for the most up to date information on prescription medicines.  

Our aim is to support the National Strategy for the Quality Use of Medicines.

ProjectSTOP is a decision making tool for pharmacists aimed at preventing the use of pseudoephedrine based products to manufacture methamphetamine.  

Used by Pharmacists across the country - ProjectStop empowers legitimate users of pseudoephedrine to be cared for by their community pharmacies whilst also helping to ensure its restriction from illegal purposes.


What do our clients say?

As a pharmacy owner my customers' health is my number one priority.
GuildLink's attention to detail, ease of use, support and training made me choose them as my pharmacy's professional services software. My pharmacists love it, it's given me the opportunity to create revenue from 6CPA and we're saving time and effort in the dispensary. My advice to other owners is partner with these guys, get your staff active and make it part of your every day. 

-TH (Pharmacy Owner, QLD)

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