2019 GuildCare Pharmacy of the Year Awards Judging Criteria

Pharmacists are some of the most trusted people in Australia, providing a range of accessible professional healthcare services to patients in their local communities.

Technology plays an increasingly important role in helping pharmacists improve patient health outcomes and medication adherence as well as providing access to education and information that empowers patients with digital health solutions.

GuildLink is proud to support the future of community pharmacy across Australia with the National GuildCare Pharmacy of the Year Awards. These awards seek to recognise the growing number of pharmacies embracing technology in their quest to improve patient health outcomes. There are two categories:

GuildCare Pharmacy of the Year Professional Services Award

This award recognises an Australian community pharmacy who:

  • Consistently offers a range of professional services to their patients
  • Strives to improve patient health outcomes
  • Promotes medication adherence
  • Continues to educate and inform their patients
  • Converts a high ratio of program invitations to completed cases

GuildCare Pharmacy of the Year Customer Care Award 

This award recognises an Australian community pharmacy who:

  • Seeks to empower patients to better manage their own health and medication
  • Is innovative and forward thinking
  • Promotes patient engagement and communication through the myPharmacyLink app
  • Constantly strives for excellence in customer care and support
  • Has a focus on improving medication adherence and patient health outcomes

Other criteria

  • All GuildCare & myPharmacyLink subscribers are automatically eligible for the GuildCare POTY awards
  • GuildCare customers must have over 1000 patients in the 12 month period prior to the awards
  • As the Australian Pharmacy Professional (APP) conference was held in May last year, the 2019 GuildCare Pharmacy of the Year awards will be judged on usage between 1 May 2018 and 29 February 2019.
  • The national finalists and winners of each state/territory are based on the usage from 1 May 2018 to 31 December 2018.

When will the announcements be made?

The 2019 GuildCare POTY Awards will be presented to all State Winners at the APP Conference in Gold Coast on Thursday 7th March and the National Award POTY winners will be announced.

All APP attendees are welcome to join GuildLink at the presentation to celebrate the successes of community pharmacy.

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