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March 1st 2017

GuildCare are pleased to announce the finalists of the 2017 GuildCare Pharmacy of the Year.

Congratulations to:

Capital Chemist Wanniassa, ACT
Lanyon Pharmacy, ACT
Priceline Pharmacy Woden, ACT

Recognised for their dedication to the health of their communities, these pharmacies lead their peers through the consistent and effective implementation of professional services. Going beyond Clinical Interventions each of this year’s finalists record regular professional service deliveries, within the GuildCare software platform.

This is the first year that GuildCare are announcing three finalists, instead of just one winner. It is important to recognise the versatility of our partner pharmacies and showcase how they manage professional services in pharmacy. Interestingly, this year’s finalists are all located in the ACT. GuildCare looks forward to sharing the specifics about the role that professional services play within the pharmacies local communities, and how conducting professional services sets them apart from their peers in the region.

This year’s GuildCare Pharmacy of the Year winner will be announced during the first day of the APP trade exhibition. Join us at APP and help us recognise this year’s finalists, for their dedication to professional services excellence and celebrate the achievement of the 2017 GuildCare Pharmacy of the Year. We hope to see you there.

GuildCare Announces their GuildCare Pharmacy of the Year Finalists


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