April 20 – VIC vaccination changes, COVID-19 resources available, Bulk Messaging launched

GuildCare NG Update

GuildCare NG 2.21.0

What’s New

What’s new: Vaccination update for Victoria

GuildLink has released an update to GuildCare NG’s vaccination recording service in-line with the Victorian Government’s vaccination policy. Trained pharmacists in Victoria will now be able to administer influenza vaccinations to people aged 10 years and above.

Pharmacists will also now be able to administer the meningococcal ACWY vaccine. This vaccine in addition to the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) and the diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (dTpa) vaccine will be available to people aged over 15 years (previously 16 years).  

These changes in vaccination policies and in GuildCare NG will allow trained pharmacists to provide their patients with further access to vaccine-preventable diseases and increased healthcare support. 

REMINDER: Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) Integration

GuildCare is integrated with the AIR and automatically uploads completed Vaccination cases to the AIR.

To ensure you are setup for the AIR: 

Go to ADMIN > IPN Pharmacy settings

Input your Immunisation Provider Number.

What’s new: COVID-19 information resources available in Important Links on GuildCare NG Home page

As well as launching a newly redesigned Home page, GuildCare has also updated the page’s Important Links section with direct link access to two key COVID-19 resources:

  • The Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s COVID-19 Resources page
  • The HealthDirect COVID-19 information page

Direct access to these key information sources has been provided to help pharmacies stay up-to-date with the latest breaking COVID-19 news and resources.

GuildCare NG will continue to update the Home page and this section with additional resources and direct links to key external websites.

What’s new: Bulk Messaging feature launched

GuildLink is proud to have launched its new Bulk Messaging feature in GuildCare NG to help pharmacists communicate to patients regarding COVID-19 health updates, influenza vaccinations and other healthcare services.
Together with GuildCare NG and myPharmacyLink, pharmacies will be able to:

GuildLink launches new GuildCare NG Bulk Messaging feature
  • Bulk message patients regarding COVID-19 health updates and promote the availability of healthcare services such as vaccinations and home delivery
  • Communicate directly with patients to organise appointments
  • Use the Calendar feature to schedule internal resources to provide such services
  • Record vaccinations and directly upload services to AIR
Click for more information about how to enable Bulk Messaging

REMINDER: Home Delivery Option within myPharmacyLink available
For pharmacies already undertaking home deliveries to their patients, GuildLink would like to remind GuildCare NG users of its Home Delivery click box option, already available on the platform. This feature allows pharmacies to present Home Delivery as an option for patients using myPharmacyLink.

Within ADMIN > Order Settings > Delivery Service Settings
The option can be enabled with a simple click and SAVE.

This option is available to help pharmacists better manage home delivery and deliver increased healthcare support to patients, especially during this time of urgent need.

Click for more information about how to enable myPharmacyLink Home Delivery Option

What’s new: Access to Guild Corporate Vaccination Program (GCVP) Implementation module

To help support pharmacies participating in the Guild Corporate Vaccination Program (GCVP), pharmacies can simply click through to GCVP Implementation module, available within the Product Resources section on the Home page. This module is intended help participating Guild Members successfully implement the GCVP into their pharmacy. 

REMINDER: Guild Corporate Health Vaccination Flu 2020 Program

For Guild Member pharmacies participating in the Program, there are a number of improvements in GuildCare NG to help your pharmacy manage bookings and receive reimbursements faster.

  • LanternPay Claims for faster payments
    • In ADMIN, connect to your LanternPay account
    • Once you have delivered and completed cases for the Guild Corporate Vaccination Flu service, go to REPORTS and submit your claims and view Tax Invoices. Approved claims will receive payment in your bank account the next business day!
  • Manage Booking Cancellations: If you are unavailable to deliver a booked service, select the reason for cancellation which will send an email notification to your customer
  • Patient Matching: GuildCare will attempt to match patient bookings with your existing patient list within the platform. If we cannot find a match, then a new patient profile will be created.

Click to learn how to implement the program.

If you are interested in participating in the Guild Corporate Vaccination Program, please contact your local Guild branch.

REMINDER: Business Support hours extended
To ensure you can access the business support you need when you need it, we have extended our Support hours.

Our support team will now be available from 8.30am to 8.00pm AEST.

For all GuildCare NG and myPharmacyLink enquiries, please contact our Support Team on:

1300 647 492                       |         support@guildcare.com.au

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