April 20 – QLD vaccination changes, Leave Certificates improved

GuildCare NG Update

GuildCare NG 2.23.0

What’s New

What’s new: Queensland vaccination update

GuildCare NG has released an update to its vaccination recording service in-line with the vaccination policy changes made by the Queensland government.

Trained pharmacists in Queensland can now administer the Meningococcal ACWY vaccine to patients aged over 10 years old and for the first time, will also be able to administer the Pneumococcal vaccine to patients aged over 16 years old.

What’s new:
Leave Certificates redesigned

GuildCare NG has redesigned the layout of both its Carers’, Personal Leave Certificates and their corresponding Certificate Request Forms.

The new layout is easier to read and includes clearer:

  • Pharmacy branding
  • Patient details
  • Relevant pharmacist details
  • Legal disclaimers

REMINDER: Guild Corporate Health Vaccination Flu 2020 Program –
Have you updated GuildCare NG with your LanternPay account number?

For Guild Member pharmacies participating in the Program, make sure you have updated GuildCare NG with your LanternPay account number to receive payments to your bank account the next business day.

How to update your LanternPay Claims for faster payments

  • In ADMIN, connect to your LanternPay account
  • Once you have completed cases for the Guild Corporate Vaccination Flu service, go to REPORTS and submit your claims and view Tax Invoices.
  • Approved claims will receive payment in your bank account the next business day!

If you are interested in participating in the Guild Corporate Vaccination Program, please contact your local Guild branch.

Click to learn how to implement the program

What’s changed: Bulk Messaging – SMS rate notification

When sending bulk messages to patients via SMS, we will notify you of the potential charges to minimise bill shock when settling payments.

Prior to scheduling a SMS bulk message, there will now be a pop up to alert you that the message will cost up to $0.12 per standard SMS as per the following image.

Bulk Message fees

Below are few points that you should keep in mind when sending a bulk message via SMS:

  • GuildCare NG allows you to send SMS messages that exceed the standard character limit of 150 (Non standard SMS message).
  • For any SMS that contains 150 standard characters or less one standard fee of up to 0.12c per message is charged.
  • For any SMS that contains more than 150 standard characters an additional fee of 0.12c is incurred for each group of 153 standard characters or part thereof;
  • The bulk messages feature allows you to send an SMS that contains non-standard characters.
  • Non-standard characters will account for 2 standard characters.
  • Standard characters include those such as letters (e.g. a-z), numbers (i.e. 0-9), common English punctuation (e.g. full stop, comma, ?, !) and symbols (e.g. $, &).
  • Non-standard characters include non-English characters such as ć, â and ë and special characters (i.e. ^ { } \ [ ~ ] | €).
Click for more information about how to enable Bulk Messaging
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