August 19 – NDSS Ordering app feature now live

App Release

28 August 2019 | GuildCare NG 2.12.1 | myPharmacyLink 1.9.0

What’s New

NDSS Ordering feature now live

The new feature allows patients to order NDSS products along with their medications through the app.

App users with an NDSS number can:

  • Order NDSS products
  • Search and add NDSS products
  • Track their supply of NDSS products
  • Receive reminders when supply is running low

NDSS orders will come through the ‘Dispense Requests’ section indicated with a blue ‘n

To activate this new feature in your pharmacy for your patients:

  1. Go to ADMIN > Order Settings and enable NDSS service
  2. Go to Patient’s Profile and enter in their NDSS number, or direct app users know to input their NDSS member number under ‘Settings’ within the App

To help you promote the new feature with your patients living with diabetes:

  1. Click to register and receive a NDSS Ordering Point Of Sale support pack**

** Point of Sale support packs limited to first 300 registered applicants.

  1. Click to download free promotional Facebook image tiles to share.
Download myPharmacyLink NDSS User Guide

Medication Sort Order

As requested by your patients, medications are now displayed in the order of the lowest to the highest supply.

Users can choose their medication Sort Preference within the ‘Settings’ section.

In case you missed it … 

Automatic 6CPA Claiming is now LIVE

On 22 August 2019, GuildCare completed the integrated with the Pharmacy Program Administrator (PPA) portal to automate claims for MedsCheck, Diabetes/MedsCheck and Home Medicines Review.

To setup your pharmacy for automatic 6CPA claims go to:

  1. ADMIN > Pharmacy Program Administrator
  2. Input your PPA ID and API key
Download GuildCare NG integrated PPA Portal User Guide
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