• Explore the new features in Guest Mode

Explore New myPharmacyLink features in Guest Mode

New Guest Mode in myPharmacyLink provides users a sneak peek of new features

myPharmacyLink’s new Guest Mode is essentially a ‘demo’ version of the app where users can explore the app without the need to sign up to an account.

The GuildCare NG platform upgrade to the new medication management service will deliver a better reminder service and more importantly, empower patients to do more within the myPharmacyLink app. Patients will be able to manage their own medication supply, use Snap and Send to request new scripts, request generic brand substitution or home delivery within the app.

As the GuildCare NG team are upgrading our pharmacies, Guest Mode in myPharmacyLink will allow you and your patients to preview these new features.

Once your pharmacy is upgraded to the new medication management service, these new features will be available for your patients in the app automatically. 

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How do I access Guest Mode?

Access ‘Guest Mode’ from the launch screen when you first download myPharmacyLink from the Google or App Store. If you are logged in to an account, you’ll need to logout to see the Guest Mode. Don’t forget to ‘leave Guest Mode’ and log back into your account.

In Guest Mode, users will be able to view and tap on all screens, but won’t be able to change any of the settings.

If you do not see Guest Mode, please make sure you have downloaded the latest version of myPharmacyLink.

myPharmacyLink Guest mode

Manage Days of Supply

Patients can now manage their own medication supply with an easy traffic light system that warns them when their supply is running low. Patients can also control the timing of medication reminders or let the pharmacist know if they are no longer taking the medication to stop receiving reminders.

Snap and Send

Patients can now send a photo of their script(s) to your pharmacy to process in advance. From the ‘Order Medication’ screen, patients can click the ‘+’ to take a photo of a script or attach a photo of their script.

Generic brand substitution & home delivery requests
As part of ordering their medications, patients can indicate if they would like the generic brand (if permitted by the prescriber) for new and repeat orders. If your pharmacy offers a delivery service, patients can also let you know if they’d like their medication delivered.

Update the app now and let your myPharmacyLink patients know about the upcoming changes.

The myPharmacyLink App is free as part of your GuildCare NG subscription. Contact your Account Manager or the Pharmacy Services team on 1300 859 328 for more information.

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