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Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is GuildCare NG? 2018-01-30T13:44:34+11:00

GuildCare NG is GuildLink’s cloud-based platform where pharmacies can access GuildCare’s professional services programs, messaging services (SMS, Email, Voice and myPharmacyLink App) and any other third party programs.

GuildLink is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. GuildLink’s focus is on providing software solutions to the Healthcare Industry.

GuildCare NG is the platform used for recording 6CPA Pharmacy Diabetes Screening Trial and the Guild Corporate Vaccination Program.

Watch the GuildCare NG and myPharmacyLink video to learn more.

02. How much does GuildCare NG subscription cost? 2020-09-21T13:56:50+10:00

The current annual subscription for GuildCare NG starts from $1,649 ex GST. This now includes myPharmacyLink, the new GuildCare NG compatible patient-facing app, valued at $650, that is fully customisable to your pharmacy’s branding at no additional charge. You can pay in monthly or annual instalments.

Please contact our Pharmacy Services team on 1300 859 328 or pharmacy@guildlink.com.au

03. What are the technical requirements for GuildCare NG? 2018-09-12T15:27:46+10:00

Pharmacies and users will require Google Chrome, Fast & reliable internet connectivity, Windows 7 or above. Please note that Windows XP is not supported. For a full technical breakdown, please visit the Technical Requirements page.

04. Will GuildCare NG integrate with my current dispense vendor system? 2018-09-12T15:27:13+10:00

GuildCare NG will integrate with all major dispense vendors.

05. What happens to my current GuildCare software? 2018-09-12T15:26:42+10:00

You will continue to use your current GuildCare software until you have access to GuildCare NG and an active GuildCare subscription.

06. What is myPharmacyLink? 2018-09-12T15:26:12+10:00

The myPharmacyLink app is integrated with GuildCare NG. It is the first pharmacy managed direct to patient app that provides patients access to their Professional Services reports or screening results from their chosen pharmacy, in addition to managing their scripts. myPharmacyLink enables you to add value to the patient’s experience of your pharmacy by:

  • Providing the patient access to their script history and Professional Services reports at the touch of a button.
  • Providing the patient government approved information about the medications they are taking.
  • Encourages repeat business through easy script refill functions
  • Patient interaction with the app can be managed by you, the Pharmacist, through the GuildCare NG platform.

Visit myPharmacyLink page to learn more, preview the show reel or explore the brand theme demonstration.

myPharmacyLink app branded to your Pharmacy’s logo and colours, is included as part of your GuildCare NG subscription.

07. What are the main differences between my current GuildCare Software and GuildCare NG? 2018-09-12T15:25:39+10:00

GuildCare NG is the new look GuildCare (Classic). Designed based on pharmacist requirements and user feedback the platform is a faster, easier and more intuitive. It still offers Australia’s largest range of Professional Services programs, with the addition of a number of new and exciting features:

  • New business tools – customisable dashboard, intelligent reporting
  • Integrated patient app – myPharmacyLink, tailorable to your pharmacy’s branding
  • New and improved interface and navigation
  • Accessed using cloud-based technology, making it accessible both in-pharmacy and outside

All these features provide a more valuable and future-proof solution for our partner pharmacies.

08. I am a current GuildCare Subscriber, how can I access GuildCare NG? 2018-09-12T15:25:14+10:00

If you are a current GuildCare subscriber you will receive email updates regarding your GuildCare NG upgrade.

09. I am not a current GuildCare subscriber, how do I subscribe to GuildCare NG? 2018-09-12T15:24:46+10:00

Please complete the Register Interest form and one of our friendly team members will contact you.

10. What happens to GuildCare NG if the internet is down? 2018-09-12T15:41:48+10:00

The operation of Guildcare NG requires the internet.

It is good business practice to assess the likelihood and impact of your business if the internet was to fail, causing your NG and their other internet-based services to become unavailable. Depending on this assessment, a mitigation plan should be in place if this event was to occur. For example, the plan could be to have a standby alternate internet provider or manual procedures.

11. How does GuildLink comply with the Australian Privacy Act including security of patient data? 2018-09-12T15:47:34+10:00

GuildLink Pty Ltd complies with the Australian Privacy Principals which regulates the way we collect, use, disclose and store personal information.

GuildLink uses a number of strategies and security controls to protect personal information it holds from misuse, interference and loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure including:

  • security policies & procedures
  • security awareness training
  • defined roles and responsibilities
  • reputable third-party providers (including cloud computing)
  • physical security
  • de-identification
  • change management
  • patch management
  • monitoring and alerting including anomaly detection
  • centrally managed cybersecurity and threat intelligence
  • data sovereignty
  • engagement of third parties to carry out audits

GuildLink also has a clearly expressed and up to date privacy policy:

Requests for access to personal information can be addressed to:

12. How can GuildCare Classic users claim on MedsCheck? 2018-10-25T17:40:47+11:00
GuildCare Classic MedsCheck claims update

GuildCare Classic users can use the GuildCare MedsCheck – Patient Medication Profile Excel Sheet

Click on the thumbnail for more information.


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