February 19 – Vaccination Program Updates

GuildCare NG Release

19 Feb 2018 – Version: 2.6.2

What’s New

Vaccinations in Pharmacy just got easier

In line with the recent state-specific legislation changes, NSW and Victorian pharmacists can now use GuildCare NG’s vaccination program to record more disease-specific vaccinations.

  • Victorian pharmacists can now record MMR vaccines in addition to influenza and pertussis vaccines
  • NSW pharmacists can now record pertussis and MMR vaccines in addition to influenza
  • In both NSW and Victoria, pharmacists must complete the appropriate parent, guardian or carer consent forms for vaccinating patients aged 16 years
  • Emergency Response Protocol, CMIs and Vaccination Protocol updated

Setup your Pharmacy to submit cases to the AIR

GuildLink’s first to pharmacy integration to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) will support pharmacists in meeting their vaccination recording requirements, reduce the double handling of patient vaccination data and will make for more efficient vaccination recording practices.

Once your pharmacy is setup, completed vaccination cases will be sent to the AIR automatically.

Setup your pharmacy to upload to the AIR
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