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Do You Own Your Patient Relationships?

It seems almost every week the pharmacist’s role within the community is being redefined by someone somewhere – if it’s not “Vending machines” or a bunch of slackers receiving “Kickbacks”, it’s “treating patients”.

Discussion is taking place across the country – at the level of government, within local communities on social media and even breakfast TV. Just last week we saw the resurgence of the GP-Pharmacist “turf war” as Ita Buttrose reiterated the need for expanding a pharmacist’s role to treat patients.

Despite this somewhat turbulent and challenging time for many Pharmacy owners, it is also a time for opportunity. GuildLink exists to ensure the longevity of Pharmacy in Australia, and as your health-technology partner, we want to make sure you have all the tools you need for long-term success.

To answer the most pressing question: How can Pharmacists make sure they own their patient relationships? Owning the patient relationship means you will be ready to act no matter what happens and what changes unfold.

Here’s four ways to make sure your business is ready for the future of Pharmacy.

1. The Power of Listening

It seems obvious, but equipping staff with the skills to listen to what patients really need is an ongoing process.

Practicing a dialogue that centres around the patient is a great way to ensure your Pharmacy is facilitating a health-relevant conversation that makes your patient feel known, listened to and more than “just another customer”. Even more powerful is showing patients that you know their problems better than they do.

That’s where having a platform in place for capturing and recalling this information is key.

By building a comprehensive profile of your patients’ situation, health complications and medications, you are positioning your Pharmacy as a team that is ready to ensure best outcomes for the patient.

Know your Patients: Data and platforms are tools to make your life easier, but should never be communicating with your patients directly.

When we only seek to see a patient as a set of symptoms and what they need right now to alleviate them in the short term, we’re only getting a narrow view of their health. By adopting a holistic view of the patient and their health, your team can start to connect the dots between their problems and the solutions they require in different ways.

By facilitating a two-way communication through listening and holistic understanding, you’re going to help your patient walk through their individual patient journey better. Easier. More effectively. More efficient – for both patient and pharmacy staff.

For instance, if the patient would benefit from another medication, an in-pharmacy service or a sponsored patient support program. At the end of the day, better communication leads to better relationships with your patients.

Ask your patients open-ended questions, ones that start with ‘How’, ‘Why’ or ‘What’ so they dig deeper into their health concerns.

2. High-Needs and High-Value Patients

Owning the relationship of high-value patients is as challenging as it is rewarding.

This is where your Pharmacy has the ability to work closely with your patients, identifying the appropriate health services your patients could benefit from but may be completely unaware of…

For instance, let’s look at Joe’s patient journey over time*. Joe has been taking multiple medications and sees his pharmacists regularly for script refills. This has led to multiple health services within his local community pharmacy to support his health journey.

Services Joe can benefit fromBusiness OutcomeFunded by
DAA weekly packing$576.16**Patient / 6CPA
Humira Quality Use of Medicines 
& AbbVie Care Pharmacy Referral Program
$35.00GuildLink / AbbVie
MedScreen – Pantoprazole (CIinical Intervention)$ Unknown6CPA
Script & Health Service RemindersOn-going scriptsPatient
Possible Opportunity$760.52

* Circumstances will vary from patient to patient. Services delivered are in accordance to the program protocol or 6CPA guidelines. Please refer to the 6CPA.com.au for claiming fees. MedsCheck (General MedsCheck $65.61 + $ 31.90 Collection of data patient registration + $31.90 collection of data a follow up service). ** Assumption for charging patient $5 for weekly packaging fee and claiming $6.08 per week from 6CPA for the year ($5 x 52 weeks + $6.08 x 52). *** General market research on what pharmacy charge patient.

As you can see, Joe has multiple needs that can be supported by his local pharmacy. Helping him manage his medications and health has resulted in better service for him and maximised profit for the Pharmacy.

Generate reports within GuildCare NG to identify the biggest earners for your pharmacy. If you’re not sure how, call our Pharmacy Services Team to guide you through.

3. Be the Heart of a Strong Community

We all know that Pharmacy is more than just a place to buy medicines.

By knowing your patients and their medications, you provide an essential service – but how can we make sure your patient’s themselves recognise that service and reward it with their loyalty?

Listening, capturing information, identifying patient needs – these are the things we must do to provide patient’s with the best care – but for the patient themselves, how do they connect with your Pharmacy? It all comes down to customer experience.

When you can build a strong relationship with your patient – be it virtually, or in person, you become the missing link between their health problems and their desired health outcomes. You no longer exist as a “shop” with a set of medicines – instead you are a team of trusted health advisors who know your patient’s health better then they could ever know it themselves.

You can view your patient’s profile summary in GuildCare to connect with your patient as an individual humanising the exchange of information and anticipating their needs.

4. Maintain the Trust of your Patients

GuildLink exists to ensure the longevity of Pharmacy in Australia. We value patient privacy and confidentiality above all else.

Not all Pharmacy software services operate with the same level of integrity. Some software providers may use patient data in different ways, even selling it to third party companies or directing them to another Pharmacy. GuildLink does not, and will not, compromise the security of your patients’ information in any way.

A software service alone will not guarantee the success of your Pharmacy, but strong use of data and the extensive support of GuildLink will help you build relationships with patients today, which translate to success in the future.

Contact our Pharmacy Services Team at pharmacy@guildlink.com.au to find out how you can optimise your use of GuildLink products to own your patient relationships.

July 20th 2018

Four Ways to Future-Proof Your Pharmacy Today


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