April 2022

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New to GuildCare Booking? Follow these easy steps to be connected with HealthDirect’s Vaccine Clinic Finder!


GuildCare has a LIVE connection with HealthDirect’s Vaccine Clinic Finder.  This means as soon as your appointments are available in GuildCare, we feed these through in real-time. 


How do I get this set up?

The PPA ceased facilitating updates to the Vaccine Clinic Finder (VCF) from 31 March 2021. Instead all pharmacies now need to manage their VCF listings, including any updates to their booking provider, by using VCF Connect which is operated by the Digital Health Agency on behalf of the Department of Health. 

All pharmacies should have received an invitation to register with VCF Connect. The invitation would have come from CV19.Products@health.gov.au and been sent to the pharmacy's nominated email address in CVAS. Access to VCF Connect allows pharmacies to self manage all aspects of their VCF listings (including adding new vaccine types, updating clinic hours, adding/changing booking links etc.)

If the pharmacy has any queries regarding VCF Connect, they may contact CV19.Products@health.gov.au or call 1800 316 375 for assistance. 
Once you have declared your use of GuildCare as your booking provider, you can sit back and relax! (Yeah right – you’re in pharmacy!!)


Your GuildCare team will be alerted and will provide all available vaccine type links to HealthDirect on your behalf.  This is on a schedule set by HealthDirect, sometimes up to a week. 


What do our clients say?

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