October 2021

Have you added Guild Corporate COVID-19 Vaccination Booking Service yet?


Tech Providers



All pharmacies need to be set up with the AIR integration & PPA portal integration. Click below for instructions.


**Please note that due to your subscription level some features in the videos may not be applicable.

Community pharmacies are being encouraged to turn on the Guild Corporate COVID-19 Vaccination booking service in GuildCare to expand their service reach into corporate Australia.


Get started with Guild Corporate Health for COVID-19

  • Log in to the GuildCare platform via Chrome using the link: guildcareng.com.au
  • Navigate to the Calendar and click on Edit Resources
  • Add the relevant Guild COVID-19 Services you will be providing in this room
  • Set the days and hours you will be available
  • Ensure you block out breaks using the unavailability option


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f: +61 2 8222 4499   

e: sales@guildlink.com.au

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