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Media Release: GuildCare to continue making 6CPA claims easy for busy pharmacies

7 November 2018

Australia’s market-leading Professional Services platform, GuildCare will continue to make 6CPA claiming easy for community pharmacy into 2019 and beyond.

The focus will be on making sure GuildCare pharmacies can continue to claim MedsCheck and other 6CPA programs as quickly and easily as possible and working together with the new Pharmacy Programs Administrator to ensure best outcomes for pharmacies, and for their patients.

“GuildCare pharmacies will continue to claim all 6CPA services just as they do today and we’ll continue to partner with health professionals across the industry” said Jannine Johnson, GuildLink acting CEO.

GuildLink software is directly integrated to a large number of health care partners including government departments, pharmaceutical companies, research and industry bodies and of course, over 4,500 community pharmacies.

The GuildCare platform currently processes over 2.5 million dispense events each week, and has dealt with over 12 million cases since 2011.

“A key focus for 2019 will be ensuring pharmacies can access more services through GuildCare – not less!” Johnson said.

Pharmacies are already seeing the benefits of more automated links and programs than ever before, including automatic integration and uploads to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR), access to patient trials, screening tools and GuildCare’s own range of Patient Sponsored Programs.

“Listening to pharmacists, we understand everyone’s busy trying to help patients improve health outcomes. GuildCare makes it easier and more efficient for them to deliver relevant and useful patient services. Smarter, faster and easier.” says Johnson. “6CPA programs will continue to be a big part of that.”

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