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GuildCare NG provides community pharmacies with the largest range of 7CPA professional services and patient support programs. All in one easy to use platform.

Australia's leading professional services platform for Pharmacies.

  • Integrated with more than 10 dispense vendors
  • Patient medication reminder management
  • Send marketing massages to patients via SMS, eMail and App notification
  • Manage service appointments via inbuilt calendar
  • Automatic vaccination submission to Australian Immunisation Register

GuildCare NG is designed to keep the customer at the centre of every pharmacy interaction. 

This empowers customers and their pharmacist to achieve better health outcomes in a collaborative way. 

The GuildCare NG platform facilitates print outs for customers, with easy to read graphics about how their health is trending. Also, detailed reports can be produced for efficient communication with GP's and other health professionals.

As part of your GuildCare NG subscription, your customers can access the Medication Management App, myPharmacyLink.  

The App empowers your customers to manage their medications, communicate with your pharmacy to dispense scripts ahead of time, view patient services reports, book in-pharmacy appointments and discover information about the medication they are taking at no additional cost to your pharmacy.

GuildCare NG is a cloud based platform, making it faster and accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. This means you can deliver the same quality services, using the same customer insights from anywhere inside or outside the walls of your pharmacy.

Portability means stepping out from behind the counter to interact with the community, your customers, and other healthcare professionals.

myPharmacyLink Patient App

Customer Centric

Cloud Based and Portable

Expand the opportunities of your pharmacy and your patients through 30+ Professional Services available in the GuildCare NG platform including:

Australia's largest range of Professional Services.

GuildCare NG Patient Summary
Capital Chemist
Chempro Chemists
National Pharmacies

Major Pharmacy Groups

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia
Priceline Pharmacy
The University of Western Australia
The University of Queensland
University of South Australia
The University of Newcastle
University of Canberra
La Trobe University
James Cook University
Griffith University

University Partners

Dispense Works Pharmacy Software
Z Dispense
Simple Retail
Corum Health

Dispense software integration


GuildCare NG is the number one choice by Australian community pharmacy owners when it comes to clinical management of their customers. Expertly designed by pharmacists and evolved through ongoing pharmacist user feedback, GuildCare NG has transformed professional services and helped pharmacists deliver countless clinical services across the country.

GuildCare NG is trusted by Australian pharmacies to help them help their customers and efficiently access 7CPA funding.

Working closely with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, GuildLink is committed to ensuring that GuildCare NG evolves with the changing needs of Community Pharmacy Agreement and continues to support Community Pharmacy under the current 7CPA.

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GuildCare is an integral part of our pharmacy's health offering.  Without it we would waste hours each week in paper-based delivery.  To be honest - my staff would have given up on professional services without GuildCare.  We are using it for vaccinations, clinical interventions, blood pressure testing, our baby nurse clinics and more importantly for all the 6CPA programs.  It's easy to use, reliable and fast.  

- JB, Pharmacy Owner, NSW

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