January 2019 – MS Alliance Update

GuildCare NG Release

16 Jan 2019 – Version: 2.5.2

What’s New

Supporting patients with MS just got better

The MS Alliance Pharmacy Referral Program allows pharmacists to refer patients currently prescribed either Plegridy or Tecfidera to the Patient Support Program called MS Alliance.

For Tecfidera patients, there is now an additional section titled ‘Tecfidera Patient Counselling Points For Pharmacist’ designed to assist the pharmacist in providing additional education and support for patients taking Tecfidera. There is no cost to the pharmacy or patient.

Pharmacy Referral Fee – Paid to Your Pharmacy

By introducing the MS Alliance referral program to eligible patients, your pharmacy is eligible to receive a pharmacy referral fee* of:

  •  $15 for each Tecfidera patient
  •  $4 for each Plegridy patient

Complete the program in 4 simple steps

  1. Dispense Tecfidera or Plegridy (Look out for the pop-up notification!)
  2. Invite patient into the MS Alliance Program
  3. Follow the prompts from the program including providing Consumer Medicines Information (CMI) leaflet to your patient. For Tecfidera patients – Discuss the Tecfidera ‘Patient Counselling Points For Pharmacist’ with your patient
  4. Complete the registration and receive your referral fee*
Refer to the protocol & invite eligible patients now
*All cases must be completed in line with the program protocol. All payments are made from GuildLink into the store’s nominated bank account. Please note that your payment may be delayed or withheld until GuildLink is reasonably satisfied that the program has been completed as set out in the program protocol. This program is sponsored by Biogen. Pharmacies on the Priceline subscription will not have access to this program.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Medication Details – See who last updated ‘supply remaining’ field as patients using the myPharmacyLink app can now update their supply remaining
  • SMS Patient Orders – Patients SMS reply to medication reminder messages will now appear in Dispense Request ‘Order Notes’
  • Delivery Settings – new ‘Order Settings’ section under ADMIN to enable home delivery for myPharmacyLink patients
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