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GuildCare NG Upgrade – 5 Key Things You Need to Know

GuildCare NG replaces GuildCare (Classic) Software

GuildCare NG is the new GuildCare. It will replace your current GuildCare software with a new and improved platform.

The functionality and protocols of Professional Services programs within GuildCare NG have been built on a like-for-like basis with GuildCare (Classic).  The key differences between GuildCare Classic and GuildCare NG are access, layout, navigation, and there have been improvements made to some functions and features.

Once GuildCare NG has been installed, you will no longer be able to record services in GuildCare Classic. Patient information and history will automatically be available in GuildCare NG. You will be able to start recording services and enrolling patients into myPharmacyLink straight away.

Watch the GuildCare NG showreel to get an appreciation of how much easier, faster and more intuitive the new platform is.

Each User has a unique login, roles and permissions

Each user of GuildCare NG will require their own email address and password to login to GuildCare NG.  Users will not be able to use the same pharmacy email address. Your User may access GuildCare NG for multiple pharmacies.

There are now different types of users and levels of permissions – NG Account Administrator, Administrator, and Users. As part of User set-up you will be required to put in their qualifications and accreditations. For e.g not all users will be qualified to administer and record Vaccinations.

Type of User Role Permissions

NG Account Administrator

  • The primary contact for the account who ensures all users comply to the use of GuildCare NG.
  • The GuildCare NG Admin will be the first to receive access to GuildCare NG, accept terms and conditions and setup users.


  • An administrator can access the Pharmacy ‘ADMIN’ tab in GuildCare NG to:
  • Manage Users (create, edit, delete)
  • Setup and Manage Pharmacy Settings (e.g Trading Hours, Messaging Hours, myPharmacyLink theme)
  • Access and use GuildCare NG

There can be more than one administrator per pharmacy.

  • These Users will not have access or view the ‘ADMIN’ tab
  • Access and use GuildCare NG

Access GuildCare NG via GuildCare NG Desktop

To access GuildCare NG, you will need to login to GuildCare NG for Desktop on your dispense computers. Installation is required per dispense computer that you would like to access GuildCare NG:

  1. Activate your Account (once only)
  2. Download GuildCare NG for desktop
  3. Download and activate NG Client (this will also disable your current GuildCare software and replace current GuildCare Client)

All these details and download links will be provided to in the ‘GuildCare NG Admin Access’ email.


GuildCare NG Desktop

  • Shortcut access to launch GuildCare NG
  • See the number of Medication Orders from myPharmacyLink

Google Chrome Browser

  • Go to
  • Use Google Chrome for portable devices (iPAD) or remote access outside pharmacy.
  • Ensure you allow for Google Chrome notifications so you don’t miss out on notifications

myPharmacyLink (new patient app) is included in GuildCare NG at no additional cost

As part of your annual GuildCare NG subscription, myPharmacyLink is a complimentary communication channel. There are no charges for in-app notifications to the pharmacy or the patient. You can now enrol patients into Messaging and they can select to receive script reminders and communications via SMS, Email, Voice Calls or the myPharmacyLink App. You can also brand the app to your pharmacy colours and logos. Learn more about myPharmacyLink here.

Please note that for SMS and Voice Calls , usage fees apply.

Programs, Features and Training Resources are released as they become available.

All programs* from GuildCare Classic will be available in GuildCare NG. There will be in-platform notifications or email communications when programs, features and resources become available.

There is in Help menu, tool tips, and training videos on the Home Screen to support the new platform.
The following training videos are available:

  1. Navigating GuildCare NG
  2. Setup Pharmacy Settings in GuildCare NG – Administrators only
  3. Record Clinical Interventions in GuildCare NG
  4. Enrol Patient into myPharmacyLink
  5. Dispense Requests and myPharmacyLink

Watch Now

Patient Plan is excluded.

Terms & Conditions:

Please refer to General Terms and Conditions for use of the new GuildCare NG Cloud-based Platform.

GuildCare Technical Support

Monday – Friday 8:30am – 6pm AEST
1300 647 492

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