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An Initiative of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and GuildLink

Last updated 30 May 2018

What is GuildData?

GuildData is an initiative of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (the Guild) to source data from members, through its 100% owned subsidiary GuildLink, to support the Guild’s ongoing advocacy work. This is in response to feedback from members on how data from pharmacies can be used by the Guild to promote the value of community pharmacy. In return for consenting to the Guild extracting their data, members will be provided with a number of pharmacy scorecards and dashboards that will provide insight into pharmacy activity and performance.

  • GuildCare NG sites who use Fred, LOTS, Minfos, Mountain Top, Z-Software, RxOne-PharmacyPro, AMFAC for their POS and/or Dispense systems can access GuildData
  • GuildCare Classic & Non-GuildCare Subscribers will need to request for a GuildCare NG account to access GuildData by registering to participate in GuildData
  • Guild members will be kept updated from the Guild as to the progress of the GuildData initiative
  • Watch ‘The Guild Needs Your Data Session’ presented by Anthony Tassone and Stephen Peel from APP 2018
Register to Participate

“I hope Members will consent to GuildData on the basis of support for the Guild’s objectives on behalf of all community pharmacy. There is also a tangible benefit for Members in the form of pharmacy scorecards and dashboard that will provide business insights.”

George Tambassis
National President of the Guild
of Australia

“Information is power – let the Guild represent you for 7CPA negotiations and ongoing advocacy work. GuildData is the perfect opportunity for Guild members to consent to the use of data for the future of Community Pharmacy”

Anthony Tassone
Chairman of the GuildData Strategy Committee

Why consent today?

1. Help Us Help You!

Accessing the data from your pharmacy puts the Guild in a stronger position to support Members and negotiate 7CPA outcomes on your behalf. Our GuildData initiative is designed to ensure your pharmacy will benefit from the information collected. The more pharmacies that participate, the louder our collective voice will be.

“Information is power. Let the Guild represent you for 7CPA negotiations and ongoing advocacy work.”
Anthony Tassone, Chairman of the GuildData Strategy Committee.

2. Valuable Industry Insights

Sharing your data will allow the Guild to advocate on your behalf with all the benefits of big-data technology. By collecting information from pharmacies across Australia, the Guild can create improved, aggregated data analysis and relevant industry insights.

3. Safe and Simple Data Collection

Because we’re working with GuildLink, our GuildData initiative is 100% owned by the Guild and will be conducted with regards to Members best interests at all times. This includes an ongoing commitment to maintaining strong privacy safeguards and protecting your sensitive patient and pharmacy information. After installation, GuildData will take care of all data collection with no further time spent by you and no additional impact to your business.

4. Future Proof Your Pharmacy

CP2025 focusses on actions that can take your community pharmacy into the future. Working together with GuildData, we can identify key industry trends and potential impacts and most importantly, new opportunities for your pharmacy.

Together we’re negotiating positive future outcomes for community pharmacy so join with us and give your consent today. Add your voice to 7CPA negotiations and ensure your patients ultimately benefit.

Thanks for supporting GuildData.

How to consent – for all community pharmacies. A few minutes is all it takes.

Register to participate (a GuildCare subscription is not required)
Consent within your current GuildCare NG platform

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the data used? 2018-01-29T08:31:05+11:00

In addition to providing participating members with pharmacy scorecards and dashboards based on the extracted data, the data will be utilised by the Guild to enhance member value, by providing members with more current and relevant business insights, and improving operational efficiencies. The data will also improve the Guild’s capacity to undertake health economic modeling and the formulation of health policies, enabling the Guild to better represent members in dealings with governments, industry and community stakeholders.  GuildData provides members with the opportunity to make a contribution to the Guild’s work in advocating for community pharmacy.

How does GuildData source data from a member’s pharmacy? 2018-01-05T09:12:17+11:00

The GuildData technical solution requires the installation on the pharmacy computer system of a small application called GuildDataX. This application will access data from the pharmacy Point of Sale and Dispense systems outside of business trading hours. The application uses pre-approved usernames and passwords that have been provided by your software vendor which allow for “read-only” access. When GuildDataX runs for the first time it will source three years of historical data and then each night after this it will only source the data from the previous day. The extracted data will be securely uploaded to the GuildData secure data warehouse each night.

Where is the GuildData data warehouse? 2018-01-05T09:12:37+11:00

It is located at an Australian based Microsoft AZURE cloud hosted facility.

How is the privacy and security of data managed? 2018-07-02T21:39:19+10:00

All patient and prescriber data are de-identified at the point of extraction from the dispense system and additional privacy safeguards, such as aggregation, are applied to further protect patient and prescriber data when required.  The GuildData AZURE database is secured behind firewalls, is encrypted as an added layer of security and is subject to regular security assessment and penetration testing from a specialist independent organisation.

GuildLink is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information, including sensitive information, which it collects, holds, uses and discloses. Please view GuildLink’s Privacy Policy:

Why my pharmacy? 2018-01-05T09:13:36+11:00

The greater the pool of data available to the Guild, the more informative that data will be, enabling the Guild to improve its member value proposition, and its capacity to represent its members.  GuildData will assist the Guild to more fully understand the challenges being faced by pharmacies today, and identify opportunities to support pharmacy.

Where is GuildData? 2018-01-05T09:13:52+11:00

The Guild has partnered with its subsidiary, GuildLink,  to develop the necessary GuildData tools to source community pharmacy data (point of sale and dispense) and to deliver the pharmacy scorecards and dashboards to participating members through the GuildCareNG platform. This is also where members will be asked whether they wish to participate in GuildData.

Do I have to be a GuildCare subscriber to participate in GuildData? 2018-01-05T09:14:11+11:00

No. GuildData is a standalone offering to the Guild’s members.  Participating members will not pay subscription fees for the pharmacy scorecards and dashboards provided to them, as these are provided in return for allowing the extraction of pharmacy data.

What is the governance model for GuildData? 2018-01-05T09:14:31+11:00

The board of directors of GuildLink  is accountable for the operational delivery of the GuildData initiative while the Guild’s Data Strategy Committee will oversee how members’ data is protected and used.

Who has access to my pharmacy’s data 2018-03-06T16:53:29+11:00

Only your pharmacy and the Guild have access to view and use the data extracted from your pharmacy. The GuildData module of the GuildCareNG platform provides members with the ability to consent to allowing their management group and/or banner group to have access in the future to de-identified and aggregated data.

What are the GuildData Terms & Conditions? 2018-07-02T21:56:57+10:00

As part of consenting to GuildData, the GuildData admin user will be required to read and accept the licence agreement.

A copy of the GuildData Licence Agreement can be downloaded here.

What is required of participating pharmacies? 2018-03-06T16:54:35+11:00

Once a member has provided consent to participate in GuildData, GuildLink will install and activate the GuildDataX application on the pharmacy’s computer system. There will be no disruption of any pharmacy activity through the collection of the data, and there is no cost to the member.

Will my data be shared with third parties for commercial purposes? 2018-03-06T16:55:28+11:00

No, your pharmacy’s data will be securely stored in the Guild’s data warehouse and will not be shared with any third party without your express consent, or otherwise in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.  Your pharmacy’s data will be de-identified and aggregated with the pharmacy data of all participating members, and the Guild’s Data Strategy Committee will assess commercial opportunities involving the use of this de-identified and aggregated pharmacy data. The Guild will provide members participating in GuildData with the opportunity to consent to their pharmacy data being used, and is developing a revenue share model for participating members.

For more information call the GuildData support team on 1300 859 328