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An Initiative of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and GuildLink

Last updated 30 May 2018

What is GuildData?

GuildData is an initiative of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (the Guild) to source data from members, through its 100% owned subsidiary GuildLink, to support the Guild’s ongoing advocacy work. This is in response to feedback from members on how data from pharmacies can be used by the Guild to promote the value of community pharmacy. In return for consenting to the Guild extracting their data, members will be provided with a number of pharmacy scorecards and dashboards that will provide insight into pharmacy activity and performance.

  • GuildCare NG sites who use Fred, LOTS, Minfos, Mountain Top, Z-Software, RxOne-PharmacyPro, AMFAC for their POS and/or Dispense systems can access GuildData
  • GuildCare Classic & Non-GuildCare Subscribers will need to request for a GuildCare NG account to access GuildData by registering to participate in GuildData
  • Guild members will be kept updated from the Guild as to the progress of the GuildData initiative
  • Watch ‘The Guild Needs Your Data Session’ presented by Anthony Tassone and Stephen Peel from APP 2018
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“I hope Members will consent to GuildData on the basis of support for the Guild’s objectives on behalf of all community pharmacy. There is also a tangible benefit for Members in the form of pharmacy scorecards and dashboard that will provide business insights.”

George Tambassis
National President of the Guild
of Australia

“Information is power – let the Guild represent you for 7CPA negotiations and ongoing advocacy work. GuildData is the perfect opportunity for Guild members to consent to the use of data for the future of Community Pharmacy”

Anthony Tassone
Chairman of the GuildData Strategy Committee