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Register to Participate in GuildData

Your dispense and POS vendor may not be available to complete the GuildData install and access GuildData and the Pharmacy Scorecard. Please refer to the phased vendor rollout table below:

From March 2018
Dispense and POS Vendors:
Scheduled from May 2018
Dispense and POS Vendors (Phase 2):
Scheduled from July 2018
Dispense and POS Vendors (Phase 3):
Fred, LOTS, Minfos, RxOne-PharmacyPro, Z SoftwareAMFAC, Mountain Top, SimpleFred NXT, ScriptPro, POS Works, Dispense Works
*These are scheduled dates only as there is a dependancy on the vendor

Once you complete the form, if your dispense/POS vendor is available for install to GuildData, a GuildData team member will be in contact to start the install process. Please ensure you are authorised user to consent to GuildData. GuildData users will be able to see your pharmacy’s financial information.