July 2022

GuildLink and MedAdvisor to provide improved services for pharmacy


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Community pharmacists and patients across the country will benefit from an enhanced medication management platform following the announcement today that MedAdvisor Limited will acquire GuildLink Pty Ltd.

The arrangement will see the Pharmacy Guild work in partnership with MedAdvisor to deliver new and ongoing commitments to health service initiatives including government programs to provide and support the health needs of communities across Australia.

The combined operations will enable MedAdvisor to provide an enhanced platform that will remove duplication and increase efficiencies for the benefit of Australian pharmacies.

The Guild Group will become the largest shareholder in MedAdvisor and have board representation. This will enable it to have input at a governance level and oversight to ensure the medication management needs of pharmacists and their patients remain a top priority. A key consideration of this partnership is to bridge the needs of both the patient and pharmacist.

The National President of the Pharmacy Guild, Professor Trent Twomey, said the Guild was looking forward to having a strong working relationship with MedAdvisor.

“This transaction provides certainty for our ability to continue to deliver health service initiatives aimed at improving the health and wellness of Australians while providing an enhanced medications management technology platform that meets the ongoing needs of community pharmacy,” Professor Twomey said.

“It’s a positive step forward for the pharmacy community and for all Australians.”

Chair of the Guild Group board, Andrew Bloore, shared that the transaction enables accelerated investment to the benefit of the community pharmacy network.

“The Guild Group is committed to supporting Australian pharmacists, in running and growing their businesses and delivering the best possible health and care services to their customers. This partnership with MedAdvisor enables accelerated investment to deliver an enhanced platform to the community pharmacy network. We look forward to being a productive shareholder in MedAdvisor over the long term.”

MedAdvisor Chair, Linda Jenkinson said MedAdvisor has invested heavily in improving the workflow of pharmacists, so we can in turn deliver better care to their patients in the most efficient way.

“MedAdvisor has invested heavily in improving the workflow of pharmacists, so they can deliver better care to their patients in the most efficient way. As pharmacies widen their scope of practice, and governments seek a more consistent approach to engaging with the pharmacy sector, our strong belief is that a best-of-breed platform is the best way to enable the industry to achieve these objectives,” Linda said.

“MedAdvisor’s acquisition of GuildLink deepens our relationship with The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, and the many pharmacies supported by GuildLink. There is compelling strategic rationale for the acquisition as it ensures Australian pharmacists have access to the world’s best technology platform that integrates patient bookings, clinical services, vaccinations and medication management, while also having the additional benefit of being supported by the Guild to ensure they are remunerated appropriately for delivering these services.”

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