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Electronic Prescriptions are coming: Is your pharmacy ready?

GuildLink is committed to helping pharmacies take advantage of the opportunities presented by advances in digital health. In our new editorial series, GuildLink Navigator, we delve into issues affecting pharmacies, such as electronic prescriptions; to help guide you through the digital transformation journey ahead.

New legislation regarding electronic prescriptions is coming

Australia’s healthcare system is quickly progressing towards the next step in its digital transformation, with the new National electronic prescribing legislation scheduled for release by the end of 2019. Once available, consumers will be offered a choice of paper or electronic prescriptions – accessible via email or smart phone.

The introduction of electronic prescriptions presents Australian pharmacies with an exciting opportunity to provide consumers with an increased level of healthcare and support. Commenting on electronic prescriptions, Fred Health CEO Paul Naismith said, “This could be the most significant change in pharmacy practice since the first computers were introduced
to the pharmacy.”1

Patients living with diabetes soon able to order NDSS products through myPharmacyLink

GuildLink is ready for electronic prescriptions

GuildLink has collaborated with key industry stakeholders, such as Fred Health and the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA), to develop an innovative solution in line with recently released draft technical electronic prescriptions documents.

“GuildLink is ready for electronic prescriptions,” said GuildLink CEO Arun Sharma, “GuildLink will provide this new solution to customers following the final release of the new legislation and implementation of the Government’s Electronic Prescriptions Network.”

How electronic prescriptions will impact your pharmacy business

Electronic prescriptions will impact pharmacy businesses in three key areas:

  1. Workflow: Pharmacies may need to revise their business processes, starting at the script-in counter to reviewing staff training to ensure new legislative requirements are met – all while continuing to deliver excellent customer experience and workflow efficiency.
  2. Technology: Pharmacies may need to update IT infrastructure to ensure they can receive and process the new electronic prescription format.
  3. Customer engagement: With script ownership now residing with the consumer, it is paramount pharmacies focus on increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

“Pharmacies that make the patient experience [of electronic prescriptions] easier and seamless will win the patients’ trust,” – said Mr Naismith 1

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