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myPharmacyLink: free and ready for your pharmacy to use today

Electronic prescriptions will place prescriptions electronically into the hands of every Australian with a smartphone – and with 89% of Australians now owning a smartphone 2, it is crucial that your pharmacy is smartphone accessible.

2: Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey 2018

As a means of providing digital customer support, GuildLink includes its patient-facing app myPharmacyLink for free as part of GuildCare NG subscription.

The app allows GuildCare NG users to:

  • Digitally engage with customers
  • Communicate more directly with them
  • Build customer loyalty

It is also free for customers to download and use.

Three easy steps to help prepare your pharmacy for electronic prescriptions

1. Customise myPharmacyLink to display your pharmacy’s brand

A key feature of myPharmacyLink that it is easily customisable to your pharmacy’s branding. Once set up, your customers will be able to digitally experience your pharmacy’s brand – strengthening customer engagement and loyalty.

myPharmacyLink brand options

2. Introduce and promote myPharmacyLink to your customers

myPharmacyLink Starter Kit

To help promote the app to your customers, download a range of free myPharmacyLink collateral to print and display in your pharmacy. You can also download a range of free images to post on social media.

3. Promote the professional services available at your pharmacy

Professional services within pharmacy are not only a great way of supporting your customers’ health and wellbeing, they also help build customer engagement. Once enabled, myPharmacyLink customers can view the results of professional services received at your pharmacy through the Services History section.

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