GuildLink is helping pharmacies get ready for vaccinations.  There are a few steps, so it's important to get started early. 

We've broken it down into three key phases: Ready, Set, Go  

Ready is all about getting your pharmacy connected to the Australian Government's digital services 

Set covers how to ensure your software and pharmacy have the optimal set up 

Go has you maximising your pharmacy's potential by unlocking the 'Promote, Book, Clinical, Payments' efficiencies of the GuildCare platform.

Simply follow the steps below.  Remember - the software can't work until you have lodged the required government forms and they have been processed.  

Vaccination Readiness Guide

PRODA (PROvider Digital Access) is an online identity verification and authentication system. It lets you securely access government online services.  

PRODA is your gateway to accessing services like the Australian Immunisation Record, which pharmacists will need to do for each vaccination they perform.  

Click here to access the Pharmacy Guild of Australia's FAQ's about PRODA

The key steps are:

  1. Individual PRODA registration for the Pharmacy owner (Company Director)

  2. Organisation PRODA registration for the Pharmacy (organisation)

  3. Individual PRODA registrationpharmacy staff members (individuals)

  4. Add staff members (as per Step 3) to the pharmacy’s Organisation PRODA registration

  5. Link the Pharmacy Organisation PRODA registration(Step 2) to Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) and AIR (via Medicare Online).

A PRODA action plan has been developed by the Guild.

Set up PRODA




The next steps can be done after you've got your your AIR provider number and AIR linking code. 

Step 2: Link your Organisation PRODA to HPOS,  then link HPOS to the AIR (via Medicare Online) 

Log in to PRODA  and follow the steps to connect PRODA to HPOS then HPOS to AIR by entering your AIR Provider number and AIR linking code - Click here for a screen-by-screen walk through.  This will link HPOS to AIR so you can view and manually record to your patient's AIR records.  GuildCare has a more efficient way to view and record to your patient's AIR records which will cover soon - but complete this step as a back up.  

Step 3: Complete the Services Australia HW027 Form so you can access AIR web services for realtime AIR information

Accessing a patient's AIR record via HPOS is time consuming for pharmacists during a vaccination service.  An easier way is viewing the record in GuildCare.  To do this, the HW027 must be submitted to Services Australia to confirm to them that GuildCare is software you authorise.  

You'll need to get your Minor ID from GuildCare which can be found in GuildCare (this is unique to your pharmacy's GuildCare subscription and is different from your PBS Online Minor ID):

In GuildCare, click on Admin >> AIR Integration and your Minor ID will be shown.  In this example it is 'GLD30612' but yours will be unique to your pharmacy.  Enter this on the HW027 form.  Click here to acccess the Guild's guide to completing this form.

The Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) is a national register that records vaccines given to all people in Australia.  From 01 July 2021 it is mandatory that immunisers report ALL vaccinations to AIR.  GuildCare has AIR recording and viewing  functionality built in but you do need to set up your AIR immunisation provider details.  

Click here to access the Pharmacy Guild of Australia's FAQ's about AIR

Step 1: Complete the IM004 Form to get your AIR provider number and AIR linking code

Complete an application to register as a vaccination provider by downloading and completing the IM004 form from Services Australia.  After up to 7 days, you will receive an AIR provider number (1 Letter + 5 Digits + 1 Letter e.g. A44243L) and your AIR linking code which will link your pharmacy to the AIR.  

You will need both these credentials to: 

a) Link your Organisation PRODA account to the AIR (so you can access patient AIR records before a vaccination)

b) So you can upload the vaccination records you perform in your pharmacy to the AIR

Register for the AIR

Next, set up GuildCare to communicate to the AIR. Watch the video below and follow the steps:

  1. Log in to PRODA
  2. Click 'Organisations'
  3. Click B2B devices
  4. Register new B2B device
  5. Enter 'GuildCare' as the 'Device name' and 'Description'
  6. Click 'Register Device'

This will created the a 'Device Activation Code'.  You need to enter this into GuildCare, so keep this PRODA window open.  

  • ​Go to GuildCare
  • Click Admin on the Menu
  • Click 'AIR Integrations' on the side menu
  • Copy and Paste from PRODA the Device Activation Code, Device Name and PRODA RA (Organisation ID) 
  • Also, add in for good measure your AIR provider number (aka your Information Provider Number) into GuildCare

Watch this video

If you haven't yet subscribed to GuildCare - please do so by completing this form:

Subscribe and set up GuildCare

Now you've set up the GuildCare software for vaccinations - it's time to use the full power of GuildCare.  This is achieved by using the Bulk messaging feature and the online bookings URL feature.  To activate these super-powers view the videos below.  

The best way to communicate the value of your vaccination services is to publish a website with Guild Digital.  This will allow you to have a 24/7 digital conceirge that engages your local customers about the services you offer and drives them to book online.  This saves time, effort and money for your pharmacy and gives customers what they want - convenience.  

Set up your website with Guild Digital

Pharmacies should not register for the CVCP Program in the PPA Portal until they have been sent an onboarding pack email from the PPA.

The Main Authorised Person for the pharmacy is the only person who can register the pharmacy for the Program (as is the case for registering for any other Program on the PPA Portal).

Screenshots of the registration process can be found in our CVCP User Guide available here: The User Guide is found in the Program Rules and other Downloads section of the CVCP Program webpage.

The pharmacy will be asked to enter:

  • CVCP Program Approval Code (found in their onboarding email from PPA)
  • A PDF copy of their EOI response. Stores can also upload a PDF copy of their latest online form if they don’t have an initial EOI response PDF.  Upon completion of the latest online form, they will be prompted to download a copy of the PDF. If they forget, the email address the link was sent to will also receive a completion email which they can download the PDF from.

The pharmacy will also be asked to agree to the Program declaration. They should ensure they have read all required documents such as CVCP Program Rules etc before agreeing, noting that the PPA/Taskforce may conduct audit and compliance activities on pharmacies to ensure what has been agreed to is being met.

Upon submitting their CVCP Program Registration this will go to a PPA Operator for approval. Only pharmacies who have been onboarded will have their registration approved in the PPA Portal.

Claims can be submitted manually or (once signed off) via integration on their CVCP Program Registration has been approved.

Pharmacies should ensure they are selecting the correct type of 2nd dose as they are paid differently depending on their answer.

Pharmacies should also ensure they are submitting claims under the correct pharmacy.

In GuildCare please also ensure your PPA Portal integration credentials have been entered via Admin >> Pharmacy Programs Administrator

Registering for the CVCP in the PPA Portal

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