January 20 – GuildCare NG Health Check program enhanced, new training video available

GuildCare NG Update

GuildCare NG 2.17.0

What’s New

GuildCare NG enhances Health Check program

GuildCare NG has enhanced its Health Check program to improve workflow, increase the depth of health information gathered and to provide pharmacists with additional patient interview resources. Collated Health Check information can now also be included in a new editable GP Referral Letter.

What’s new and been updated

  • A new customisable GP Referral Letter features within the program. This letter can be easily edited before downloading and printing.
  • The Australian Absolute Cardiovascular Disease Risk Calculator has been included within the program.
  • New Lifestyle: Diet sections have been included to provide greater insight.
  • Health Check Lifestyle questions have been spilt to provide greater insight
  • Patient Profile is more comprehensive:
    1. Now automatically calculates patient age
    2. Has been updated to include differences in ethnicity
    3. Now features a question regarding diabetes
  • Additional external resources, such as national health guidelines, now feature within several Health Check pages to assist in patient conversations.
  • Several references have been updated to indicate if a patient is within or outside reference ranges
  • Workflow within the program has been improved with the pre-population of text to streamline service completion.
Click for more detailed information about the GuildCare NG Health Check Update
Click to download a copy of the updated Health Check program protocol

New GuildCare NG training video – How to Enrol Your Patient Into Messaging

GuildCare NG has released a new training video, How to Enrol Your Patient Into Messaging, to help pharmacists communicate with patients over the busy holiday period.

Click to download the new GuildCare NG Enrolling Patients Into Messaging User Guide
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