August 2020 – Community Bookings

GuildCare NG Update

GuildCare NG 2.60.0

What’s New

Community Bookings Updated

What is Community Bookings?

GuildCare NG has made an update to allow Pharmacies to setup and take bookings for services they offer in store.
Once bookings have been enabled and setup, your customers will be able to make bookings through the booking portal and/or through the myPharmacyLink app.

What’s new: Booking options in Promote myPharmacy Services

Two methods to allow customers to make bookings:

  1. Enable Guild Web Bookings – When enabled, a specific booking URL will be generated for your Pharmacy that can be shared with your customers
  2. Enable Bookings In App – When enabled, app users will be able to make bookings for services that are enabled by the pharmacy
  3. Customise the Duration of a service
  4. Option to Allow Bookings for a service
GuildLink Community Bookings Setup

Setup Resources for Bookings

Resources need to be setup to allow Bookings to be made. Resources in GuildCare are typically setup as staff and/or rooms used for delivering services.

More information can be found in the Community Bookings User Guide.

GuildLink Community Bookings Resource Setup Process

Make a booking through Guild Web Bookings:

Once bookings is setup through the Guild Web Bookings option, patients will be able to book for services at your pharmacy.

Make a booking through Bookings In App:

Similarly, patients are able to book services at their nominated pharmacy through the myPharmacyLink app.

Click to download the Community Bookings User Guide
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