June 19 – App Enrolment & Carer Access Update

GuildCare NG & App Release

5 June 2019 | NG Version: 2.10.0 & mPL Version: 1.7.0

What’s New

Are you enrolling Carers into the App?

To help make it easier for you to enrol the correct patient and their dependants into the app, we’ve made the following changes:

  • In GuildCare NG, the enrolment wizard now displays more patient information and an extra step is included to provide you with another opportunity to review the patient’s details before finalising their enrolment
  • In the App, the Carer must validate the dependant’s details before they can access their information. The Carer will need to accurately input the first name, last name and date of birth (DOB)

The App user will need to update to the latest version of the App

When enrolling patients into the app, it is important to identify the correct patient and obtain appropriate consent from the Carer. Once enabled, the Carer will be able to access personal medication and services history.

Download Step by Step Guide

Vaccination Program

Thank you for your feedback on the latest Vaccination program, particularly around the pre-filling. We are in the process of reviewing your feedback and plan to implement additional improvements in upcoming releases.

Did you know that in the latest Vaccination Program…

  • The batch number of a vaccine is linked to the vaccine brand and its expiry date. Up to three batch numbers are stored for a vaccine brand.
  • Record multiple vaccines in the same vaccination case
  • ‘Vaccine Funding’ field will help you to track for future reporting:
    • Private – Patient or corporate funded
    • Public –  National Immunisation Program funded
  • GP referral letter can be customised
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