Are you providing Home Delivery support to your patients?


GuildLink is helping pharmacies deliver healthcare support to patients in need

In line with the Federal Government’s COVID-19 primary healthcare response and funding announcement, GuildLink is working on a home delivery solution to help pharmacists deliver healthcare support to patients self-isolating. This home delivery solution will include a payment functionality.

For pharmacies already undertaking home deliveries to their patients, GuildLink would like to remind GuildCare NG users of its Home Delivery click box option, already available on the platform.

This feature allows pharmacies to present Home Delivery as an option for patients using myPharmacyLink.

Within ADMIN > Order Settings > Delivery Service Settings

The option can be enabled with a simple click and SAVE.

This option is available to help pharmacists better manage home delivery and deliver increased healthcare support to patients, especially during this time of urgent need.

Home Delivery settings within GuildCare NG
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