March 20 – Vaccination changes in GuildCare NG

GuildCare NG Update

GuildCare NG 2.20.0

What’s New

Vaccination changes for NSW, Qld and SA pharmacists

GuildCare NG – Vaccination changes

What’s new – Vaccination updates for New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia

GuildLink has released an update to GuildCare NG’s vaccination recording service inline with recent changes to the New South Wales, Queensland and South Australian Government’s vaccination policies.

Trained pharmacists in Queensland will now be able to administer cholera**; diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (dTpa); diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and inactivated poliovirus vaccine (dTpa-IPV); Haemophilus influenzae type B; hepatitis A; meningococcal ACWY; poliomyelitis; and measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccines to people aged 16 years and above.

Also included in the Queensland vaccination policy change in preparation for the upcoming influenza season was an amendment allowing trained pharmacists in Queensland to administer influenza vaccinations to people aged 10 years and above.

This same influenza vaccination age change has been implemented within GuildCare NG for trained pharmacists in New South Wales and South Australia, following recent changes in state vaccination policy. 

Together these changes in vaccination policies and in GuildCare NG will allow trained pharmacists to provide their patients with further access to vaccine-preventable diseases and increased healthcare support. 

** Current vaccination changes in GuildCare NG do not include oral cholera vaccinations. These will be made available in GuildCare NG shortly. 

Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) Integration

GuildCare is integrated with the AIR and automatically uploads completed Vaccination cases to the AIR.

To ensure you are setup for the AIR: 

Go to ADMIN > IPN Pharmacy settings and input your Immunisation Provider Number.

** Current vaccination changes in GuildCare NG do not include oral cholera vaccinations. These will be made available in GuildCare NG shortly. 

What’s new – Guild Corporate Vaccination 2020 

For pharmacies participating in the Pharmacy Guild Corporate Vaccination 2020, there are changes to GuildCare NG that are specific for the Guild Corporate Vaccinations programs.

The changes in the ADMIN section are:

  • Australian Business Number – Ability to input your Australian Business Number for generating Guild Corporate Vaccination Receipt Created Tax Invoices (RCTIS)
  • LanternPay Integration – LanternPay is the Pharmacy Guild’s choice of claims payment provider to reimburse pharmacies for delivering the Guild Corporate Vaccination service. This section will be available once you have a LanternPay setup and are ready to integrate with GuildCare
  • Special Trading Hours –Setup your trading hours and availability for bookings during the public holidays
Click for more information about GuildCare NG’s updated Calendar function

What’s new – Text change to Reminder template 

The text within a SMS Overdue Reminder template has been updated.

The message is an overdue reminder to patients who had received a previous reminder for when their repeat was due but had not responded.

It previously read:

“Hi (Patient.GivenName) your (MedicationProduct.Name) is overdue. Please bring in your script to ((Pharmacy.Name)”

It now reads:

Hi (Patient.GivenName) this is an overdue reminder for your (MedicationProduct.Name) Reply YES if your script is held at ((Pharmacy.Name) or bring in your script.

Don’t forget to promote your professional services via myPharmacy Services

The new feature provide pharmacies with the ability to promote Professional Services  to help increase customer engagement.

Through this new feature, your customers will be able to learn more about the range of Professional Services offered in your Pharmacy, such as Blood Pressure Testing, Leave Certificate and Vaccinations.

Click for instructions on how to enable Promote myPharmacy Services
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