May 20 – Vaccination changes for Fluad Quad in GuildCare NG

GuildCare NG Update

GuildCare NG 2.40.0

What’s New

What’s new: Recording the administration of Fluad Quad in GuildCare NG

GuildCare NG has made updates to improve the display of the Fluad Quad influenza vaccine in the vaccination service.

Fluad Quad was recently added to GuildCare NG as an available formulation for pharmacists to administer to patients aged over 65 years.

Additionally, Fluad Quad can now be directly submitted to AIR from GuildCare NG after an update to the AIR vaccination code.

In the Vaccine Details section of the Vaccination service,

  • Select ‘Influenza’ in the Vaccinating Against field
  • Then select ‘Fluad Quad’ in the Vaccine Dispensed field
  • Complete the service accordingly

Incorrectly selected Fluad instead of Fluad Quad within the Vaccination Service in GuildCare in 2020?

For all vaccination records dated from 1 January 2020 with Fluad incorrectly selected as the vaccine brand, these records have been automatically amended to Fluad Quad. Changes can be observed in both the vaccination service and all the relevant reports in GuildCare NG.

There will be no additional action required in GuildCare NG. 

Regarding the subsequent amendments of records to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) – we are currently working with AIR to provide pharmacies with a solution and will provide an update in the near future. 

Made a different selection or recording error within the Vaccination Service in GuildCare NG?

If you have made any other selection or recording errors and wish to amend any vaccination records in Guildcare NG, please email your request to

REMINDER: Guild Corporate Health Vaccination Flu 2020 Program –
Have you updated GuildCare NG with your LanternPay account number?

For Guild Member pharmacies participating in the Program, make sure you have updated GuildCare NG with your LanternPay account number to receive payments to your bank account the next business day.

How to update your LanternPay Claims for faster payments

  • In ADMIN, connect to your LanternPay account
  • Once you have completed cases for the Guild Corporate Vaccination Flu service, go to REPORTS and submit your claims and view Tax Invoices.
  • Approved claims will receive payment in your bank account the next business day!

If you are interested in participating in the Guild Corporate Vaccination Program, please contact your local Guild branch.

Click to learn how to implement the program
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