Included in a GuildCare subscription, your customers can access the myPharmacyLink Medication Management App, which connects them directly with your pharmacy.  

The App makes eScripts easy and allows your consumers to view, order and manage their prescriptions safely and securely.

Customer Medication

Management App

Patient picks up in store at their convenience

Pharmacy receives order. Dispenses.

Repeats kept on file

Patient requests repeats for dispensing on app



Customer sign up

The myPharmacyLink App makes Medication Management easy for your customers. They can order prescriptions from their phone, be notified when a repeat is due, request for it to be dispensed, reducing waiting time in store as well as get medication reminders, manage medications for other family members and communicate directly with your pharmacy.  

Pharmacies who use the myPharmacyLink app are valued by their customers for:

  • Providing access to their active medications, script history and Professional Services reports 24/7
  • Educating patients with one-tap access to medicines information 
  • Encouraging easy ordering of their due repeat medicines each month

For your Pharmacy, it means improved dispensary efficiency, less time 'taking script requests in' at the counter and most importantly - an assurance that repeat prescriptions will be dispensed in the pharmacy, resulting in increased customer loyalty.

Make life easier for your customers

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myPharmacyLink is a white label App, which means it’s fully customisable to your pharmacy’s branding. All we need is your logo so the App will be instantly recognisable to your customers.

As soon as your patient activates the app, it will display your branding and your pharmacy’s details.

The app is only linked to your pharmacy, so your trusted relationship with the patient is reinforced every time they interact with you through the app.

Drive loyalty and build business with GuildCare and the myPharmacyLink App.

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Customise the App.


'The MyPharmacyLink app has changed the way we run the dispensary.  We didn't realise how much time we wasted taking scripts in.  Now, we receive the customer's request, dispense it and they simply come in and retrive their meds.  We've also grown our repeats on file from about 50 to 900!  Our patients love it too - they actually remember to get their medicines dispensed every month!'

-AS, Pharmacist owner, WA

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