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myPharmacyLink Promotional Resources and Brand Guidelines

Welcome to the myPharmacyLink promotional resources and branding page.

Make it easy to introduce myPharmacyLink to your patients with GuildCare’s new point-of-sale (POS) collateral.

  • Posters – A2, A3 and A4 sizes
  • DL customer flyers – with space to insert the Activation Code
  • Script basket prompt cards
  • Facebook tiles
  • Video – link coming soon

myPharmacyLink POS is available in two ways:

  1. Download and print in-store.
  2. Download and send to your professional printer for off-site printing and customisation.

Do you need custom artwork for your store or pharmacy group? We can work with you to provide myPharmacyLink collateral that supports your own branding. Please talk to your sales manager or contact

Marketing asset Download the appropriate file
Print instore – PDF Send to printer – PDF JPGs Video – MP4
myPharmacyLink POS posters – A2
myPharmacyLink POS posters – A3
myPharmacyLink POS posters – A4
myPharmacyLink A4 counter poster
myPharmacyLink DL flyer (double-sided)
myPharmacyLink DL flyer (3xDL on A4)
myPharmacyLink prompt cards
myPharmacyLink social media post images
myPharmacyLink collateral user tips

The myPharmacyLink Brand and Name:

As one of our partner pharmacies and/or pharmacy group you are entitled to use myPharmacyLink name and logo to promote its integration and use in your pharmacy/ pharmacies.  We ask that you do not use myPharmacyLink as a part of your company naming/branding.

The Colours

myPharmacyLink use four key colours:

The Logo

The myPharmacyLink logo is available in 5 different forms:

Using the Logo

Interested in using the myPharmacyLink logo? Please follow these design requirements:

  • The coloured version of the myPharmacyLink logo can ONLY be used on a white, or a coloured background that obviously contrasts with its blue and yellow brand colours.
  • The grey scale logo versions are to ONLY be used when the background colour and/or pattern clashes with the myPharmacyLink brand colours.
  • Do not place the myPharmacyLink Icon on coloured backgrounds. If you are in doubt, use the white or Grey logo version!
  • If you are positioning the logo on printed documents or signage, please ensure you give the graphics breathing room and don’t reduce the margins of the supplied asset.
  • Please do not change the myPharmacyLink logo in any way. Including, but not limited to:
    • Rotate or alter the positioning of the myPharmacyLink logo elements.
    • Morph the myPharmacyLink out of its set proportion.
    • Change the colours of the myPharmacyLink logo.
    • Add additional visual elements to the myPharmacyLink logo.
    • Use old or other marks/logos to represent our brand.
myPharmacyLink Logo Versions
Download myPharmacyLink Brand Assets

Terms & Conditions:

Please refer to General Terms and Conditions for use of the new GuildCare NG Cloud-based Platform.

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