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myPharmacyLink Brand Guidelines and Promotional Resources

Welcome to the myPharmacyLink branding and promotional resources page!

We encourage all our partner pharmacies to use the myPharmacyLink brand and promotional assets to help them promote myPharmacyLink to their patients, staff, and stakeholders. To help this process, we have created the following guidelines for use.

If you have a question about the use of myPharmacyLink branding or would like to use our branding outside the below-outlined guidelines, please contact our marketing department at

The myPharmacyLink Brand and Name:

As one of our partner pharmacies and/or pharmacy group you are entitled to use myPharmacyLink name and logo to promote its integration and use in your pharmacy/ pharmacies.  We ask that you do not use myPharmacyLink as a part of your company naming/branding.

The Colours

myPharmacyLink use four key colours:

The Logo

The myPharmacyLink logo is available in 5 different forms:

Using the Logo

Interested in using the myPharmacyLink logo? Please follow these design requirements:

  • The coloured version of the myPharmacyLink logo can ONLY be used on a white, or a coloured background that obviously contrasts with its blue and yellow brand colours.
  • The grey scale logo versions are to ONLY be used when the background colour and/or pattern clashes with the myPharmacyLink brand colours.
  • Do not place the myPharmacyLink Icon on coloured backgrounds. If you are in doubt, use the white or Grey logo version!
  • If you are positioning the logo on printed documents or signage, please ensure you give the graphics breathing room and don’t reduce the margins of the supplied asset.
  • Please do not change the myPharmacyLink logo in any way. Including, but not limited to:
    • Rotate or alter the positioning of the myPharmacyLink logo elements.
    • Morph the myPharmacyLink out of its set proportion.
    • Change the colours of the myPharmacyLink logo.
    • Add additional visual elements to the myPharmacyLink logo.
    • Use old or other marks/logos to represent our brand.
myPharmacyLink Logo Versions
Download myPharmacyLink Brand Assets

myPharmacyLink Promotional Material

To assist you in promoting the myPharmacyLink to your patients, we have put together the suite of promotional assets. Feel free to use the supplied as required, but please do not alter the material in any way.

You can use the above-mentioned logos – within the outlined guidelines, if you would like to create your own promotional material. If you have any questions relating to the use of the myPharmacyLink logo and branding please.

Point of Sale MaterialDownload Links
myPharmacyLink Double Sided A5 Flyer Download File
myPharmacyLink A2 PosterDownload File
myPharmacyLink A3 PosterDownload File
myPharmacyLink A4 PosterDownload File
myPharmacyLink Patient Activation DL FlyerDownload File
myPharmacyLink 64×26.7mm LabelsDownload File
myPharmacyLink Prompt CardsDownload File
myPharmacyLink Digital GraphicsDownload File
myPharmacyLink Brand AssetsDownload File
myPharmacyLink Promo Video HD 1080pDownload File

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