National Carers Week 2019: Supporting carers and pharmacists around Australia

14 October 2019

Over 2.7 million Australians are carers [1] and provide more than just emotional, social and financial support to those in their care. They often assume most of the responsibility for managing the medicines and medication-related services of those in their care. For this reason, carers’ relationship with their local pharmacy is crucial.

“GuildLink is committed to supporting both pharmacies and carers, by offering a special Carer mode through its patient-facing app, myPharmacyLink. Once permission is enabled by their chosen pharmacy, carers are able to manage the medicines and view the professional services history of those they care for.

Via their own user profile, Carers can pre-order medicines and set medicines reminders for those in their care; and through the app’s messaging function, they are able to access pharmacy services such as dose administration aides.

GuildCare NG now features an enhanced enrolment wizard, making it easier for pharmacists to enrol patients into the app, assign them as a Carer and then connect dependants to their profile. As a means of providing additional patient security, the new enrolment wizard displays more patient information and includes an extra data entry step, providing pharmacists with another opportunity to review patient information before finalising their enrolment.

“Carers are a key and often forgotten cornerstone in the delivery of local healthcare”, said GuildLink CEO Arun Sharma, “The Carer’s functionality in myPharmacyLink helps free up carers’ time, increases convenience and allows pharmacists to provide carers with an increased level of support and care.”

Click for more information about how to enrol Carers into myPharmacyLink.

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 [1] Carers Australia,

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