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If you are serious about reducing workload on staff, increasing customer satisfaction and are committed to growth – a website + an integrated bookings solution is not 'a little bit fancy”, it’s a must. Efficiency means saying 'go to our website and book'.  

Set up your GuildCare bookings URL today and get it onto your website.  No website? - contact Guild Digital or go to 

This is what it looks like this on a consumer’s web browser or mobile phone:

There are big advantages:

  • Consumers enter their own information online
    • This saves time for pharmacists/pharmacy staff instore
  • Consumers complete clinical tasks like the Pre-vaccination checklist before coming in
    • This saves time for pharmacists at the vaccination appointment and empowers early intervention if there is a contraindication to vaccination
  • Consumers can manage their own rescheduling/cancellation
    • This saves time and effort managing a calendar instore, empowering consumers to view and select their most convenient times

A simple customer/pharmacy journey

Every pharmacy with a full GuildCare subscription can create their own bookings URL (web address). This can be distributed to their consumers. The customers journey looks like this:

Clinically integrated online pharmacy bookings - winning by giving customers the convenience they want

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f: +61 2 8222 4499   


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