World Osteoporosis Day

Screening patients at risk of Osteoporosis just got easier

World Osteoporosis Day, which is held on 20 October, is an opportunity to focus attention on a disease which affects an estimated 1.2 million Australians. Osteoporosis is frequently under-diagnosed and under-treated with up to 80% of postmenopausal women and 90% of men at risk of fracture, with most failing to receive appropriate treatment and management.1

It is sometimes called a “silent disease” as most people don’t know they have osteoporosis until a bone breaks.

Community pharmacy is at the forefront of helping patients with osteoporosis and GuildLink, in partnership with Amgen, has recently launched the Osteoporosis Risk Screening Program in GuildCare NG. The program utilises the interactive Know Your Bones assessment tool that has been developed by Osteoporosis Australia and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

By screening patients and recording the results in GuildCare NG, GuildLink via Amgen will remunerate your pharmacy $10 per patient* It only takes a minute or two – easy!

The additional revenue is an immediate reward, but the long-term reward is improving patient health outcomes and continuing to provide evidence to the wider healthcare industry, government and Australian community the value of pharmacists in delivering these services.

Osteoporosis often goes undiagnosed, so it is a great addition in GuildCare NG to easily screen patients if they are at risk. We launched the service in our pharmacy during Healthy Bones week and I like how simple and quick it is complete the screening.

Carli Berrill, Pharmacy Owner, Thursday Island Pharmacy, QLD

We’ve been targeting our elderly patients with screening and our team have found it quick and easy. The financial incentive is a great bonus, but more of the value is in strengthening the patient-pharmacist relationship.

Craig Lupton, Pharmacy Manager, Bindoon Pharmacy, WA

GuildLink has provided the GuildCare NG platform to support services like osteoporosis screening to ensure that its users are aligned with the Guild’s Community Pharmacy 2025 strategy for the future of pharmacy. This strategy has identified the expansion of health service delivery in community pharmacies as a pivotal growth pathway for the profession.

World Osteoporosis Day is a great opportunity for pharmacists to educate their customers on this silent disease and start screening eligible patients.

Start screening your patients today or learn more about the program

.1. Osteoporosis National Action Plan Working Group, Osteoporosis National Action Plan 2016. Accessed 4 June 2018.
*Professional services fee is only applicable for patients over 70 years for age screened with the Know Your Bones tool via GuildCare NG

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