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Media Release: GuildCare 2019 Pharmacy of the Year awards celebrate community pharmacy

13 March 2019

GuildCare 2019 Pharmacy of the Year Announced

While recognising the incredible dedication of all State Finalists at the GuildCare 2019 Pharmacy of the Year Awards at APP last week, GuildLink CEO Arun Sharma was proud to announce the two winners:

Soul Pattinson Chemist Canning Vale WA
GuildCare 2019 Pharmacy of the Year Professional Services

Lowood Advantage Pharmacy QLD
GuildCare 2019 Pharmacy of the Year Customer Care

“GuildCare’s 2019 Pharmacy of the Year award winners are helping their patients in more ways than ever” said Sharma. “They really are vital health hubs for their local community, offering professional health services and excellent customer care. We’re proud supporters of community pharmacy, and excited that GuildCare makes it easier and more efficient for pharmacies to create better health outcomes.”

“These pharmacies demonstrate the successful operating model that technology can help achieve. I’m excited about where community pharmacy is heading!” Sharma announced.

For Julie Lazum, pharmacist and owner Soul Pattinson Chemist Canning Vale WA, the award is a validation of their strategic focus on quality care, “We can’t fight on price and provide the level of care customers need so we focus on giving the best care possible. That’s working very well for us!” Lazum said. Offering professional services and professional advice leads to the high quality of care that their customers have come to expect. “Our high level of service has created great word of mouth advertising” Lazum added.

“Great customer care and service keeps people coming back” agreed Michelle Steinke, Pharmacy Manager Lowood Advantage Pharmacy QLD, accepting the GuildCare 2019 Pharmacy of the Year Customer Care award. “We’ve moved with the times to take advantage of all the opportunities technology is giving us – to streamline our business and give us much greater control over our daily workflow” she added.

The team at Lowood Advantage Pharmacy are particularly encouraged by how many of their patients use the free myPharmacyLink app regularly, loving that it’s with patients all the time on their phone.

“People who may have otherwise been non-compliant are now much better at taking their medication. The best plus is how easy it is to use” Steinke said.

GuildLink is proud to celebrate the dedication and commitment of community pharmacy. Congratulations to the winners and to all the hard working pharmacy teams who support better health outcomes.

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myPharmacyLink is included free of charge for all GuildCare NG subscribers and is free for patients to help manage their medication and supply.

For more information on the GuildCare POTY awards and criteria visit ng.guildcare.com.au

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