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GuildCare NG is the future of professional services delivery in Community Pharmacy. Designed based on pharmacist requirements and user feedback the GuildCare NG platform:

1. Provides Australia’s Largest Range of Professional Services

GuildCare NG provides Community Pharmacy with the largest range of in-Pharmacy Professional Services, in one easy to use platform. Expand the opportunities of your pharmacy and your patients through over 30 Professional Services available in GuildCare NG.

2. Is at the Forefront of 6CPA Changes

In 2009, the original GuildCare Professional Services platform was developed to help Community Pharmacy meet recording requirements under 5CPA. Working closely with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, GuildLink is committed to ensuring that GuildCare NG evolves with Community Pharmacy Agreement changes and continues to support Community Pharmacy under current 6CPA regulation.

3. Is Cloud Based and Portable

GuildCare NG is a cloud based platform, making it faster and accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. Meaning you can deliver the same quality services, using the same patient insights from anywhere inside or outside the walls of your pharmacy. Portability means just that – step out from behind the counter, interact with the community, your patients and other healthcare professionals.

4. Designed to be Patient Centric

GuildCare NG is designed to keep the patient at the centre of every Pharmacy interaction. Giving both the pharmacist a clear and overall picture of the patient’s health, as well as dispense and services history on one screen.

5. Includes myPharmacyLink Patient App – Free of Charge

Available as part of your subscription the GuildCare NG compatible smart device app, myPharmacyLink, works with the platform to bring your pharmacy into the home of your patients. Your patients can manage their medication, communicate with your pharmacy, view patient services reports, book in-Pharmacy appointments and discover information about the medication they are taking at no additional cost to your pharmacy.

Terms & Conditions:

Please refer to General Terms and Conditions for use of the new GuildCare NG Cloud-based Platform.

GuildCare Technical Support

Monday – Friday 8:30am – 6pm AEST
1300 647 492