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How to encourage patient participation in professional programs with only one pharmacist on duty at any time.

GuildCare Pharmacy of the Year Finalist – Better Health Coolalinga’s Solution: Use one platform for everything for efficiency and complete support.

Better Health in Coolalinga, NT has a common problem for rural pharmacies; a small number of staff that need to provide all the services and support expected by today’s customers.

A thorough discussion on medication compliance can take several minutes and extended services like a blood pressure check can take up to 15 minutes. That’s a lot of time for the only pharmacist on duty to be away from the dispensing counter. How does Julian make it work?

When Julian Ho joined the business three years ago they were using a different pharmacy platform, since switching to GuildCare NG last year they’ve noticed a big improvement in their efficiency. Julian and the team have found that “GuildCare NG definitely streamlines our processes. It’s great having all the data in one place, we don’t waste any time hunting around the computer or office for the relevant information. This is even more important when you have the patient waiting right there.”

Julian and the team really appreciate how GuildCare NG “makes it all easier, it makes recording easier as well. For example, Staged Supply is made a whole lot easier by automatically printing out consent forms. For blood pressure or sugar testing it facilitates the whole process so every step is covered.”

Better Health Coolalinga

As a dedicated pharmacist, Julian believes that “patients that participate in programs have a better health journey and have a better understanding of the importance of medicines adherence” so they like to help with that as much as possible. As a business owner, Julian also knows that time is money so every minute counts. The solution is to use the best technology platform for pharmacies to find the perfect balance between customer care and profit. It also helps the bottom line that claiming for professional programs is almost automatic with GuildCare NG.

Better Health Coolalinga also uses the myPharmacyLink app that comes with the GuildCare NG subscription to improve customer communications and get their own branding in front of customers. Julian “loves that we can make it our own” and not be promoting someone else’s brand to their customers in such important messages. Using the ‘Snap&Send’ feature helps them manage the daily workflow and ensures the script is ready when the customer comes in to pick it up giving the pharmacist time to discuss optimum medication adherence with the customer instead of being stuck at the dispense counter.

Whatever your staff numbers, using the only pharmacy platform and app backed 100% by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia makes digital enablement easier for you, your staff and your patients. Get on the quickest path to success today with GuildCare NG and myPharmacyLink.

Pharmacy of the Year 2019
Better Health Coolalinga

“GuildCare NG helps by making our service as efficient as possible, it’s all in there.”Better Health Coolalinga