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How to stay financially viable after PBS reforms and discounters open nearby.

GuildCare NSW Pharmacy of the Year Finalist – Chen’s Pharmacy’s Solution: Focus on providing more services and increasing contact with customers to drive loyalty and repeat business.

Lillian believes the reason Chen’s Pharmacy in Hammondville is a 2019 finalist for GuildCare Pharmacy of the Year is because early in 2018 they acknowledged that they needed to improve their health services to provide customers with better health outcomes and to offset the revenue losses from the PBS reforms.

Lillian Chen and her husband Jonathan are both very active in the business and believe in adopting relevant technology as soon as it’s available, that’s why they installed GuildCare NG and myPharmacyLink at both their pharmacies. The success of their pharmacies demonstrates that being early technology adopters keeps them financially viable in these changing times. As Lillian pointed out, “customers are only getting more tech savvy so it’s important to meet their expectations and not get left behind”.

Using the GuildCare NG platform to claim for daily activity is now a basic use for Chen’s, they’ve moved on to participating in a lot of studies with universities and the patients love it! The already high level of care has improved and the customers see a direct benefit of their information being held digitally by the pharmacy.

“Having all the customer data in one place is the most efficient way to do business. Staff love how easy MedsCheck is to use and we also like that it encourages doctors to make the change once referred.” Using GuildCare NG, the platform specifically designed by Australian pharmacists for pharmacists ensures everything works so that Lillian and the other pharmacists can focus on the customers, not on data entry.

According to Lillian, “GuildCare makes it really easy to communicate directly with customers in the most up-to-date, technologically advanced way. We are thrilled that the myPharmacyLink app is so easy to use for the older patients. Staff identified that this was a great way to help the older patients stay compliant.”

Chen’s Pharmacy was also sure to have a GuildDigital built website to complete their digital presence. GuildDigital are experts at taking the web content you provide and turning it into a beautiful pharmacy website. GuildDigital were also instrumental in writing the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s CP2025 Digital Enablement Pathways so Chen’s Pharmacy knows they’re set for the future too.

Use the digital experts that are 100% backed by the Guild to start on the CP2025 Pathways today!

Pharmacy of the Year 2019
Chen's Pharmacy

“Taking the patients on the technology journey with the pharmacy is the way to do it.”Chen’s Pharmacy