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How to shift operations to support professional services and program participation instead of cosmetic sales and prescriptions.

GuildCare NSW Pharmacy of the Year Finalist – Soul Pattinson Drive Thru Pharmacy’s Solution:
Follow the Guild’s recommendations in ‘Community Pharmacy 2025 – A Framework for Change’.

Robin Salvestro has never been afraid of innovation and change, that much was evident when he opened his drive through pharmacy – still a very new concept in Australia!

When he evaluated the revenue drops from PBS reforms and reducing foot traffic for cosmetics, Robin knew his business model needed to take another direction to stay relevant to their community and keep the business viable.

Thankfully, Robin looked to the Pharmacy Guild of Australia for advice. “The Guild has been advocating for some time that we need to move away from scripts and cosmetics.” The team at Soul Pattinson Drive Thru have committed to the nine “Growth Pathways to Long-Term Sustainability” outlined in CP2025 as the way to get ready for the pharmacy of the future while finding new ways to earn income.

In 2019 they will be developing three specific pathways; ‘Community Health Hub’, ‘Health Services’, and ‘Digital Enablement’. There are consultation rooms being added in the pharmacy and Robin is reaching out to other health professionals for in-house clinics to begin the transformation to delivering services and being a community health hub. The team is confident that by increasing their use of GuildCare NG and myPharmacyLink they’ll be fully digitally enabled well before 2025.

Realising that GuildCare NG was developed specifically for pharmacies by pharmacists and that it’s 100% backed by the Guild gave the team the confidence to rely on the software to help their pharmacy develop new revenue streams while supporting their health services initiatives.

“We had GuildCare but we weren’t using it as much as we could. Making everyone aware of what we were trying to achieve was critical. Embracing the whole GuildCare NG program means we act on the prompts and it’s supporting incremental revenue gains, definitely narrowing the gap in revenue lost from cosmetics.” Robin plans to continue exploring the software for other features that can increase customer care and generate income in new areas that support the consultation space investment.

Additionally, Soul Pattinson Drive Thru’s team have recently launched their myPharmacyLink app that comes with their GuildCare NG subscription. According to Robin, “it’s proving popular with the pharmacy staff and with the customers”. Most of the customers using the app love the ‘Snap&Send’ feature for the convenience and the staff love that it lets them prepare the script before the customer has arrived which definitely helps the workflow.

Take Robin’s and the Guild’s advice and get ready for the future now. Find out how GuildCare NG with myPharmacyLink are making digital enablement easier for pharmacies today.

Pharmacy of the Year 2019
Drive Thru Pharmacy Griffith

“We’ve always focused on outstanding customer service and now we’ve added the professional side of pharmacy.”
Drive Thru Pharmacy Griffith