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How to achieve maximum compliance in a busy pharmacy that participates in numerous private drug programs.

GuildCare ACT Pharmacy of the Year Finalist – Lanyon Pharmacy’s Solution: Streamline data entry, reporting, and communications to one software platform developed specifically to support compliance.

As onerous as record keeping can be for pharmacies, everyone involved understands the importance of accurate data collection for patient health and compliance.

Achieving maximum compliance is made that much more difficult if the same data needs to be entered into more than one platform particularly if the patient is standing there and time is limited.

That’s why Mark Leighton uses GuildCare NG “… to record everything, we rarely use anything else. It has everything you need in one platform.”

Lanyon Pharmacy is securing their future by trying to fill any gaps in the local health landscape to meet the needs of the community. Mark and the team have done this by participating in a large number of government and private programs that are relevant for their varied customer base. Whilst program participation is great for patients and can add a new revenue stream, it does come with a lot of record keeping and documentation requirements.

Mark is confident using the platform designed by pharmacists and backed 100% by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia because he knows it was developed with compliance specifically in mind. They’ve tried other platforms but now they’re migrating everything possible to GuildCare NG with myPharmacyLink because “it just streamlines everything, it makes documentation and compliance that much easier.”

Other benefits of GuildCare NG as Mark and the team see it are “how easy it is to navigate around it’s really easy to teach new staff how to use it. it’s very well set out and it’s easy to see what’s been done in the past.” It’s obvious that Lanyon Pharmacy has found the right platform to help them achieve maximum compliance if it’s that easy to use for everything.

In 2019 Mark is planning on attending APP to get more details on the Guild’s ‘Community Pharmacy 2025 – A Framework for Change’. He’s read about the nine ‘Growth Pathways for Long-Term Sustainability’ and can see that using GuildCare NG now puts him well on the pathway to ‘Digital Enablement’ but will keep driving the business forward to be a ‘Community Health Hub’ as recommended by the Guild.

It’s no wonder that Mark and the team at Lanyon Pharmacy have been recognised for all the hard work they put in for their patients’ health whilst ensuring ultimate compliance procedures well into the future. Don’t let old fashioned paper work keep you from achieving CP2025, find out more about how GuildCare NG with myPharmacyLink can make digital enablement easier for your pharmacy today.

Pharmacy of the Year 2019
Lanyon Pharmacy

“Have everything on one platform for efficiency and streamlining and therefore compliance.”
Lanyon Pharmacy