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How to deliver exceptional customer care with limited staff and resources.

GuildCare National Pharmacy of the Year Customer Care – Lowood Advantage Pharmacy’s QLD Solution: Use technology as much as possible to help optimise the time with customers.

Like many Australian regional pharmacies, Lowood Advantage Pharmacy, GuildCare Pharmacy of the Year Winner for Customer Care, sets high expectations for customer service but only has a limited number of employees to deliver the required level of care.

Whilst the problem is ongoing, Pharmacy Manager Michelle Steinke has found success by “moving with the times” and taking advantage of “all the opportunities technology is giving them”.

Lowood Advantage knows that when staff numbers are small, it’s important that every moment of staff time is used efficiently and directed towards maximising face to face interactions with the customer. They have been using GuildCare for more than 5 years, upgrading to GuildCare NG and implementing myPharmacyLink as early as possible, because “it streamlines our business and gives us much greater control over our daily workflow” according to Michelle.

Staff members Kylie and Alison have championed myPharmacyLink to other staff and customers for great success. By encouraging customers to use the app to send in prescriptions they do dispensing during the slow times of the day meaning that when the customer comes in later to pick up the script, it’s waiting for them and their time in the pharmacy is spent talking with a professional about optimum medicines adherence.

The team at Lowood Advantage are encouraged by how many customers use the app regularly and love that it’s with the patients all the time on their phone. “People who may have otherwise been non-compliant are now much better at taking their medication. The best plus is how easy it is to use!”

As Michelle sees it, “staged supply is about that extra level of control over the way the customers take their medications. It’s not just about supplying the product, it’s about ensuring the medication is taken correctly and safely. It also gives Doctors the confidence to prescribe something that might potentially be abused if not for staged supply.” Michelle believes GuildCare NG is a great tool managing staged supply which can then help assist in identifying improper use for every medication.

The ‘smart prompts’ at dispense, unlimited CI Favourites, easy Reports, and Interprofessional Collaboration module in GuildCare NG and the direct communications with patients through myPharmacyLink is what gives Michelle and the team at Lowood Advantage Pharmacy the time to keep their customers happy and healthy.

Using GuildCare NG to store all the data required to dispense medications has increased Lowood Advantage Pharmacy’s customer loyalty. Having the medications history immediately to hand and combining this historical prescribing information with templated communications to other health practitioners through the platform allows the team to efficiently initiate medication reviews.

Using technology to your advantage is such an important part of future success that it underpins all of the ‘Nine Growth Pathways to Long-term Sustainability’ as identified by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia in their ‘Community Pharmacy 2025 – Framework for Change’ recommendations. Spend more quality time with patients and prepare for the future with the only pharmacy platform backed 100% by the Guild.

Pharmacy of the Year 2019
Lowood Advantage

“Great customer care and service keeps people coming back.”Lowood Advantage Pharmacy