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How to keep up with customer expectations on level of care and service for a competitive edge.

GuildCare WA Pharmacy of the Year Finalist – Michael’s Health Care Chemist’s Solution:
Continuous improvement on, and additions to, the professional services offered.

For most pharmacies it used to be enough to be known for quickly dispensing scripts but today’s customers expect the full suite of services. It can be difficult having everything that every customer could want but Dennis Pham has managed to do this by listening to his patients and using technology as much as possible to support the increased service delivery.

“We keep up to date with the latest technology to deliver our core promise of excellent health outcomes” says Dennis.

Using GuildCare NG helps Dennis and the team at Michael’s easily record all patient medications and the smart prompts at dispense encourage patient participation in professional programs and studies. This not only ensures optimum health outcomes for the patients but also keeps the pharmacy running smoothly even with all the extra patient attention.

“We’re constantly improving the services we offer and adding new services that our customers need.” After almost nine years in business, Dennis and the staff know that continuous improvement and additions not only service the customers but give them more reasons to keep coming back to the pharmacy. By focusing on the services that existing customers need, Michael’s is ensuring repeat business well into the future.

Michael’s Health Care Chemist have used GuildCare since around 2012 and they upgraded to GuildCare NG as soon as it was available, Dennis “likes the whole system because it works like it’s supposed to” which is the confidence you need when you’re expanding your services regularly. Dennis also appreciates the ‘Reports’ function in GuildCare NG as it helps him see how the business is tracking and where improvements can be made with the data already captured during normal business operations.

The team at Michael’s Health Care Chemist also fully utilise the myPharmacyLink app that comes with their GuildCare NG subscription to encourage digital storage of prescriptions and instant communications with the pharmacy. Dennis is certain this demonstrates their technology capabilities while really helping the customers, they think “myPharmacyLink is very good. We have very positive responses from the customers and everybody sees an improvement.”

Dennis is still exploring the recommendations in the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s ‘Community Pharmacy 2025 – A Framework for Change’ but by using the pharmacy software backed 100% by the Guild he knows he’s already set his pharmacy up well for the future.

Pharmacy of the Year 2019
Michael's Health Care Chemist

“Pharmacies are just expected to have these services now. If we don’t offer them, they’ll go somewhere else.”
Michael’s Health Care Chemist