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How to get and keep customers in a very crowded field of competitors.

GuildCare VIC Pharmacy of the Year Finalist – Nova Pharmacy Frankston’s Solution: Find a specific condition or niche and offer the absolute best services and advice in that area.

Advertising is bombarding every Australian every day in almost every way. How does a local pharmacy cut through all that noise to get the attention of new customers and keep them loyal?

For Nova Pharmacy the competition is especially fierce with five other pharmacies within 500m so they needed a solution that could keep expanding to provide the required growth.

Beshoi Guirguis and the team at Nova are solving this problem by focusing on conditions that require a good relationship with a pharmacist. They started in 2017 with diabetes management and opiate replacement therapy and according to Beshoi, “it’s working really well and we’re ready to expand the idea now.”

Take their approach to diabetes management; Nova has invested in having the vast majority of the most common diabetes medications and NDS subsidised items that could be prescribed or requested on the shelf, ready to go. “People drive across suburbs to come to us because we’re the only one that can help them immediately, then they keep coming back because they know we’ll be able to help them with a range of things around diabetes.”

Nova also needed a different way to reach new customers as Beshoi found that traditional advertising wasn’t working and was very expensive. After trying a few different types of marketing, they’re now using a combination of social media, mostly Facebook, and a series of talks on health management at their local RSL and aged care facilities. “We make them aware of all our services, even our free medication packing service, we can see this is paying off.” These sessions cost little to run and the audience is very interested in the distinct service and knowledge that Beshoi and the team have in diabetes management and other areas – everyone wins!

In 2019 Nova will be changing their retail offer to focus more on products that support their services and programs instead of pushing ‘toilet paper’. They will be expanding their weight management category as a key component of supporting their patients with diabetes and looking to provide a more holistic approach to health management.

Beshoi installed GuildCare NG from the moment he arrived at Nova Frankston. He’s always recorded interventions and has educated his team on how important it is to record everything, especially with a condition like diabetes. He chose GuildCare because, “it makes it really easy to record everything.” The software makes it much easier to keep the medicines history of his diabetes and other patients up to date whilst conducting normal business.

Nova also use the myPharmacyLink app that comes with their GuildCare subscription to assist their patients in better medicines adherence, critical for successful diabetes management. They were using a different customer app until recently, then Beshoi realised they “didn’t need to pay for something we already have in GuildCare NG.” The team in Frankston doesn’t miss much when it comes to the bottom line!

Having the right software installed (and utilising it fully) has given Beshoi the time and business information he needs to find the right solution to customer acquisition and engagement for Nova that is sustainable in the long-term. GuildCare NG is the only pharmacy software backed 100% by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, why would you use anything else? Find out more about how GuildCare NG with myPharmacyLink can help you stand out from the crowd today.

Pharmacy of the Year 2019
Nova Pharmacy Frankston

“”We’re the Diabetes Destination for Frankston and it’s definitely bringing in new customers.”
Nova Pharmacy Frankston