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How to increase revenue without changing the day to day workflow of the pharmacy.

GuildCare SA Pharmacy of the Year Finalist – Terry White Chemmart Wynn Vale’s Solution: Establish recording targets for fee generating services.

Like every pharmacy, Terry White Chemmart Wynn Vale has not been immune to the revenue downturns after the PBS reforms.

Renee Wynne’s response was so simple yet it has been business changing; ‘We sat down as a team and agreed that to keep the business open it was essential to get in the habit of recording everything to earn that extra revenue for the work we were already doing.”

To solidify the staff’s commitment to record their routine activities, daily targets for each of the services they regularly delivered, like Clinical Interventions, MedsChecks and Diabetes MedsChecks, were agreed to by the team.

Renee knew that the GuildCare NG software they were using was designed just for this purpose so they could start immediately with no implementation or training time. Today TWCM Wynn Vales uses GuildCare’s ‘Reports’ function to monitor progress by team member or service with real-time data pulled instantly.

“We were only recording 1-2 MedsChecks a month, so we pushed to hit 20 a month and now we easily hit our target! We record every Clinical Intervention in GuildCare to make sure we earn all the extra revenue possible and when GuildCare introduced CI ‘Templates’ recording became a five second job, together with MedsCheck, it’s one of our biggest revenue growth areas now.”

The beauty of recording every customer interaction is that it’s truly a win-win situation for all involved. According to Renee, operating this way “definitely forms a better relationship with customers because it demonstrates that we really care and go the extra mile to help them.” Even better for their customers is that by recording everything TWCM Wynn Vale “has records to go back and look deeper if needed. It’s also good that GuildCare increases our communications with doctors and other health professionals”.

For 2019 Renee is focussing on ‘Health Services’, ‘Community Health Hub’, and ‘In-Home Care’, three of the nine Pathways to Long-Term Sustainability as identified in the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s ‘Community Pharmacy 2025 – A Framework for Change’. Wynn Vale is already well on the Pathway to ‘Digital Enablement’ by using GuildCare NG to record, communicate and monitor their day to day activities.

Pharmacy of the Year 2019
Terry White Chemmart Wynn Vale

“Recording everything means you claim everything.”
Terry White Chemmart Wynn Vale