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How to build solid systems and processes to support growth in customer care initiatives.

GuildCare TAS Pharmacy of the Year Finalist – Youngtown Pharmacy’s Solution: Use the business software designed for, and by, Australian pharmacists; GuildCare NG.

When Jason Martin settled the purchase for Youngtown Pharmacy in November 2017 he knew there was a bit of work to do. As he says, “I inherited a great team but there were no systems or procedures in place and none of the services had been promoted.”

Jason’s first step was to install GuildCare NG to support the staff in recording all customers interactions, especially for the professional services and trials like Spiriva. Jason had used GuildCare before so knew how easy it would be to train the staff to use it thereby increasing the level of customer care and adding a new revenue stream for the pharmacy with the fees from the professional services.

In 2019 Youngtown Pharmacy is actively working on moving the pharmacy toward the CP2025 goals of Community Health Hub and Health Services. Jason knows that by using GuildCare NG to its fullest, they are already well on the Pathways to CP2025 Digital Enablement, Business Operations, and Automation. He didn’t even consider using another platform knowing GuildCare is the digital platform 100% backed by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

One common strategy among the GuildCare Pharmacy of the Year Finalists is that they understand the value of the face to face minutes with patients and put systems in place to ensure the pharmacists have those health-giving and brand-building moments with customers as often as possible.

Youngtown Pharmacy

GuildCare NG allows you to record all activity in just a few key strokes and has smart prompts at dispense to encourage patient participation in professional services and trials that can add significant dollars to the bottom line while not adding extra data entry time.

“We went with GuildCare because of myPharmacyLink. Digital engagement is essential for success in the future.” The myPharmacyLink app is included with every GuildCare NG subscription and allows for automatic, pharmacy branded, communications directly with patients.

Successful pharmacies know that giving customers more control over their health data using handheld technology will become industry standard soon and they want to be ahead of that curve. In fact, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia has identified ‘Digital Enablement’ as one of the nine key growth pathways to deliver the Community Pharmacy 2025 goals. Secure the future of your business with the only pharmacy platform backed 100% by the Guild.

Pharmacy of the Year 2019
Youngtown Pharmacy

“Focus on great customer care supported by good systems and the revenue comes naturally.”Youngtown Pharmacy