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GuildCare NG Programs

GuildCare Professional Services Programs List

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Program NameAd-hoc / Prompted$ Paid to PharmacyService displays in myPharmacyLink
Medication Management
HMR ReferralBoth-Yes
MedsCheck / Diabetes MedsCheckBoth$CPAYes
Medication Adherence
Staged SupplyAd-hoc$CPAYes
DAA Patient DetectBoth-Yes
Pharmacy Trial Programs
Bridging the Gap between Physical and Mental Illness in Community Pharmacy (PharMIbridge) Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT)*Ad-hocNo
Community Pharmacy in Health Care Homes TrialAd-hoc$CPANo
Urinary Tract Infection Pharmacy Pilot – Queensland*Ad-hocNo
Temporary Programs
COVID-19 Home Medicines ServiceAd-hoc$CPANo
Patient Support Programs
New to Therapy (NTT)
Ozempic® NTTPrompted$$No
Perindopril NTTPrompted-Yes
Quality Use of Medicine (QUM)
Humira® QUMPrompted$$No
Spiriva®/ Spiolto® Respimat® (QUM) Device CheckPrompted$$No
Pharmacy Referral
MS Alliance ReferralPrompted$$Yes
Humira® AbbVie Care® ReferralPrompted$$No
Perx - Stavelo, Certican, Neoral, Exforges and Exforge HCTPrompted$$No
MedScreen Compliance
AtorvastatinPrompted$CPA (CI)No
DesvenlafaxinePrompted$CPA (CI)No
EsomeprazolePrompted$CPA (CI)No
IrbesartanPrompted$CPA (CI)No
LatanoprostPrompted$CPA (CI)No
OlanzapinePrompted$CPA (CI)No
PantoprazolePrompted$CPA (CI)No
PerindoprilPrompted$CPA (CI)No
PregabalinPrompted$CPA (CI)No
RosuvastatinPrompted$CPA (CI)No
Patient Services
Baby ProgressAd-hoc-kg and cm
Blood GlucoseAd-hoc-BGL mmol/L
Blood PressureAd-hoc-Systolic/Diastolic
COPD ScreeningBoth-Yes
Health CheckAd-hoc-No
Inhaler Technique CheckBoth$CPA (CI)Yes
OTC Clinical InterventionsAd-hoc-No
Smoking Cessation*Both-
Guild Corporate Vaccinations*Ad-hoc$
Weight MaintenanceAd-hoc-kg
Admin Modules
Inter-Professional CollaborationAd-hoc-No
Leave CertificateAd-hoc-Yes
Partner Programs

Ad-hoc – No criteria required to qualify for recording within this program. Either the patient requests or the pharmacy invites the patient to participate as part of screening or on-going management.

Prompted – A pop-up notification and invite will appear based on the patient’s dispense history. Please refer to the relevant program protocol available in GuildCare NG Help section for the specific qualifying criteria.

$CPA – Claimable under the 7CPA agreement. Please refer to the 7CPA program rules online.

$$ – Paid to your pharmacy. Please refer to the professional service fees and the relevant program protocol.

* Participating pharmacies only.

All Professional Service Fees are subject to change and are accurate as of 8 May 2019.