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Healthnotes SMS reminder migration

This is information for pharmacies who wish to transfer SMS reminders from MedAdvisor/Healthnotes platform to GuildCare NG messaging.

What are all the steps involved?

The following are important steps that must be done to ensure your pharmacy and patients have a smooth transition:

Before Migration

  1. Look for an email from GuildCare Support to the GuildCare NG admin user with the scheduled migration date and the date GuildCare NG will start sending messages to patients
  2. Download and install the GuildCare NG Agent application on the main MedAdvisor/Healthnotes PC.  You only need to download this on the one computer. Enter the Product Key provided in the email to complete install of the NG agent
  3. Learn how to use GuildCare NG Messaging – refer to how-to videos or messaging help guide
  4. Update Messaging Settings in the GuildCare NG ‘ADMIN’ section – refer to how-to videos or messaging help guide

**Please LEAVE the COMPUTER ON before you leave for the day**

After Migration

After the migration is completed, reminder messages are not yet sent out from GuildCare NG. GuildLink allows you to have ~48 hrs to review the migration result prior to GuildCare NG sending messages to patients. This will give you the opportunity to contact MedAdvisor / Healthnotes to organise ceasing your account.

  1. Check the GuildCare Healthnotes SMS Migration Report that will be provided to you after the migration has been completed
  2. Setup any failed reminders as displayed in the report – refer to migration report
  3. IF you are have concerns with the migration result, please contact GuildCare Support on 1300 859 328 to pause GuildCare NG messaging from sending out messages
  4. You can refer to ‘Messages > Scheduled Messages Report’ in GuildCare NG for outgoing messages that will be sent after GuildCare NG Messaging is LIVE.

Note: Any scheduled messages from Healthnotes and GuildCare NG Messaging during this ~48 hours period will be sent out from both systems. As such your patients will receive duplicate reminders.

After GuildCare NG Messaging is LIVE

  1. Generate a report in MedAdvisor PlusOne as patients may be replying to SMS messages that were originally sent from Healthnotes
  2. Send a message in GuildCare NG to patients who have not responded to script reminders by creating a message template: “Dear XXX your Medication has been dispensed and is ready to be collected. Pharmacy XYZ”
  3. Start checking Dispense Requests for incoming order requests!
Download Messaging App Help Guide

How to install the GuildCare NG Agent

1. Download the supplied link. This may open up in a new browser. If you are using a Chrome browser you will see the downloaded file in the bottom right: 

2. Click Open

3. Then Run, the latest version will download and you will be presented with the following screen:

4. Enter the Product Key that you were supplied in your email. Please note this key is specific to your pharmacy.

5. Select the Dispense Vendor you are using, if the Dispense Vendor you are using does not appear on the list please contact GuildCare support on 1300 859 328

6. Then click OK to begin the install. The install should only take a minute to complete, if you do not get a completion message, check the task bar to see if the NG Agent is running:

6. If you right click on the icon and select “About” you should see the following screen:

Your installation is now complete.

Disclaimer: GuildCare attempts to migrate all patient reminders based on the Healthnotes database. Not all reminder templates are available in GuildCare NG. Please review the GuildCare’s Healthnotes Migration Report or refer to the MedAdvisor platform to setup reminders as required. On the day where GuildCare NG Messaging is live and starts sending messages, there may be messages sent out from Healthnotes and GuildCare NG system. There is a dependency on the third party to suspend the SMS service. Your patients may receive two reminder messages.

How to locate the main MedAdvisor/Healthnotes computer

Open your MedAdvisor software and go to Settings

  • In the ‘Role’ tab, ‘Main’ will indicate that this is the computer that is connected to the Healthnotes server. Only one computer will be the Main.
  • Other computers that are not the main machine will show the directory of where the Healthnotes database is held.
  • If it is not the main computer with the server – copy the address before spsc.mdb and paste to file explorer – this with bring up the location of the PlusOne database
  • If you are not sure, please contact GuildCare Support on 1300 859 328

Healthnotes SMS Migration Report

This is a list of reminders that were not migrated to GuildCare NG messaging. These reminders need to be reviewed and actioned accordingly. The main reason for failed reminders is that the GuildCare was unable to match scripts to the medication.


These are reminders scheduled in future and required the reminder to be re-setup. The information displayed is what was taken from the local Healthnotes database

  1. Locate the Patient in GuildCare NG
  2. Match the script to a medication from the Dispense History pane – refer to ‘How to match script to medication’ video
  3. If you are unable to match the medication, you can schedule the reminder through ‘recurring messages
  4. Activate reminder – you may wish to customise the supply remaining / reminder offset / messaging templates if required

PENDING REMINDERS – TO BE ACTIONED’ – These are reminders in the past that may need to be actioned. Please review and re-setup the reminder for the patient if required.

INACTIVE/DISABLED REMINDERS – TO BE REVIEWED’ – These are reminders that are the inactive / disabled state. Majority of these reminders do not have enough information for GuildCare to setup reminders.

Training Videos

More videos available from


What is the Healthnotes SMS Migration Report? 2018-11-21T22:17:56+11:00

GuildCare attempts to migrate all relevant reminder settings for patients enrolled into the sms channel.  Some reminders have failed during the process for e.g the script does not match with our medication, or unreliable reminder dates. This should only affect a small subset of patients.

The SMS migration report attempts to identify the issues and how to solve them. Please check and action the points in the SMS migration report to ensure your patients are receiving reminders.

Which computer do I need to download the GuildCare NG Agent on? 2018-11-21T21:44:58+11:00

It needs to be downloaded onto the MAIN MEDADVISOR/HEALTHNOTES computer.

Go to MedAdvisor > Settings to identify which is the main computer.

Will the data migration affect my ability to trade? 2018-11-21T17:13:20+11:00

No. The data migration will occur after hours and will not affect your ability to trade.

Can GuildCare contact MedAdvisor/Healthnotes for me? 2018-11-21T17:10:16+11:00

The Healthnotes agreement is between Medadvisor and the Pharmacy.

What happens after the migration date 2018-12-12T08:09:28+11:00

You will be able to review the migration results for ~48 hours before GuildCare NG messaging starts sending out reminders to patients enrolled into the SMS service.

Why do I need to generate from Healthnotes a schedule of messages that are due to be sent 2 days prior to migration date? 2018-11-21T21:48:41+11:00

To ensure that you capture patients that haven’t responded to Healthnotes SMS’ that were sent prior to migration date. If a patient responds to the Healthnotes SMS after the date of migration, it will go no where as your Healthnotes service is suspended. Use the schedule generated as a checklist to make sure the patients that haven’t responded are contacted/dispensed for.

A method used by one of the trial stores:

If a patient hadn’t responded to a Healthnotes SMS that was sent and they were a compliant patient, they dispensed the medication and sent a SMS from GuildCare Msging to say it was ready to be collected.

If a patient hadn’t responded to a Healthnotes SMS and they were non-compliant, the pharmacist made a judgement call on whether to send a reminder sms or not dispense.

When do I suspend my Healthnotes SMS Service? 2018-12-12T08:11:51+11:00

If you do not suspend your Healthnotes service when GuildCare NG starts sending out messages, your patients will receive two sets of SMS going to your patients.

This will affect your patients experience of the product and cost you two sets of SMS fees.

It is your responsibility to action accordingly.

What reminders are not transferred? 2018-11-20T15:25:04+11:00
  1. Script Request Count
  2. Auto Dispense Confirmation
  3. Long Overdue Reminder
  4. Owing script notification
  5. Promotion (Group Messages)
What about patients using the MedAdvisor App? 2018-11-20T15:24:23+11:00

Patients enrolled into the MedAdvisor App are not transferred across to the myPharmacyLink or Priceline Pharmacy App. They must be signed-up to the App by providing a new activation code, downloading the app and deactivate their MedAdvisor App.