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GuildCare NG Technical Requirements & Information

GuildCare NG is a cloud-based application that pharmacies use to access GuildCare’s professional services programs, messaging services and other third-party programs.

GuildCare NG Technical Information

The technical difference between GuildCare NG and GuildCare (classic) is that the GuildCare NG GUI is cloud-based.


The patient data collected and stored by GuildCare is the same for both GuildCare NG and legacy platform GuildCare (classic). For example: when a pharmacist completes a patient dispense event, 12-months of dispense history for the patient is provided to GuildCare.

Both GuildCare NG and GuildCare (classic) use a common database that is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) within Australia. For enhanced availability:

  • The database is configured across a number of redundant zones
  • Backups are automated on a daily basis
  • The database has been configured to use encryption at rest


All access to GuildCare NG is secured through the use of SSL/TLS encryption and is logged for audit purposes.

GuildCare NG Technical Requirements

To effectively run GuildCare NG Pharmacy computers will require the following:

  • Fast & Reliable Internet Connection
    GuildLink recommends a download speed of 10-15 Mbps. To test your internet speed, refer to your internet services provider.
  • Google Chrome browser
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or later
    Verify that installation is up-to-date and contains all the latest security patches and updates available via the Windows Update service.  Note: Windows XP is not supported.
  • Microsoft .NET framework 4.5.2+
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  • 2GB RAM free
  • 500MB free space on your hard drive

GuildCare NG platform requires the following software be installed on computers within pharmacy:

NG Client – This software loads dispense event data from your Dispense Software to GuildCare NG and must be installed on every pharmacy dispense computer. If the NG Client is not running on computers you dispense from, the dispense data will not appear in GuildCare NG.

NG Desktop App – Within your pharmacy, the NG Desktop App is the best way to use GuildCareNG on a Windows computer.  While GuildCareNG can be accessed using a Chrome browser, GuildLink recommends installing the NG Desktop App on pharmacy computers as it provides superior integration with the Windows desktop.

Google Chrome Browser – GuildCare NG can be accessed online via a Google Chrome browser* (note: other browsers are not fully supported).

*Initial pharmacy setup and activation must be done via a Chrome browser.

Additional Technical Information

Domains & Network ports used by GuildCare:

DomainProtocol & Port(s)
* 443, HTTP 80
* 443, HTTP 80
* 443, HTTP 80


  • GuildCare NG only communicates via HTTPS on port 443 and/or HTTP on port 80 as a fallback
  • GuildCare NG works correctly behind any router/firewall or NAT device and doesn’t require any non-standard ports to be open or allowed through your firewall
  • GuildCare NG doesn’t establish any open outbound connections

Dispensing Software that integrates with GuildCare NG:

FredZ Dispense
MinfosMountain Top
Pharmacy Pro

Potential Antivirus Software Exceptions:

Depending on the antivirus software used and the way it is configured, in certain situations you may need to whitelist the following files:



No specific setup is required to print documents from GuildCare NG.

Terms & Conditions:

Please refer to General Terms and Conditions for use of the new GuildCare NG Platform.

GuildCare Technical Support:

Monday – Friday 8:30am – 6pm AEST
1300 647 492