The Digital Age Demands Superior Data Handling

20 February 2019

It’s easy to get caught up in the features that the latest pharmacy app or software platform have to offer and forget about what it really takes for it all to work as planned – great data!

Pharmacies are overwhelmed by the volume of data that goes in and out every day but it’s crucial to remain vigilant on data handling best practice procedures. Having a workable data handling routine in your pharmacy is essential for:

  • Securing customer privacy
  • Optimising individual and aggregate health information
  • Achieving maximum claiming revenue
  • Ensuring accurate communications

The most important thing to remember (and get staff to remember) is that no technology can replace human attention!

Hopefully you’ve been able to take advantage of technology advancements like GuildCare NG’s integration with the Australian Immunisation Register, or using myPharmacyLink to manage scripts and customer communications. Perhaps you opted in to My Health Record and have already benefited from that efficiency at a doctor visit. Having all your information accurate and safely stored in the digital world can only happen when human beings create it correctly and check what’s already there.

Best Practice Data Handling Initiatives

  1. Remind all employees about the importance of data accuracy in the pharmacy industry and to the day to day operations of your business.
  2. Be proactive in checking patient details in their profiles. Use every opportunity to check and update data, including getting input from customers directly.
  3. Understand that data migrations can introduce errors. No data migration can be assured 100% accurate, if you’ve had a software change, be extra vigilant.
  4. Minimise double-data entry by using a pharmacy specific software that covers as much of your business as possible and integrates seamlessly with external resources.
  5. Identify key data entry tasks and accommodate for the time and staff it takes to do it properly in the daily workflow.
  6. Keep a log of any data accuracy issues and find solutions to recurring problems.

Taking these simple steps to ensure superior data handling becomes business as usual in your pharmacy will safeguard your patient’s health, your brand and your bottom line in this ever-connected digital world.

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