Watch GuildLink’s electronic prescriptions solution preview

Electronic prescriptions

GuildLink is proud to preview its electronic prescriptions solution, aimed at making it easier for patients to order their electronic prescriptions via the free patient-facing app, myPharmacyLink, at their local pharmacy.

“While the patient-led use of electronic prescriptions may be some time away, GuildLink is ready to implement our electronic prescription solution. We would like to invite our pharmacy colleagues to enjoy the two previews below which demonstrate how our Token and Active Script List models will work,” said GuildLink CEO Arun Sharma, “Alongside our electronic prescriptions solution, GuildLink is also developing on a home delivery solution to help pharmacists deliver healthcare support to patients. This home delivery solution will include a payment functionality.”

Token Electronic Prescriptions

Active Script List Electronic Prescriptions

How your pharmacy can prepare for electronic prescriptions

 “Now is the time, before electronic prescriptions become live, for pharmacies to review their data management workflows and become more digitally ready,” GuildLink CEO Arun Sharma said:

During this period of electronic prescriptions preparation, GuildLink recommends pharmacies focus on:

  • Increasing your digital service offering: Review how you are digitally communicating with your patients – Do you have a website? Can your patients access your pharmacy via an app? Do you have a Facebook page?
  • Increasing myPharmacyLink app enrolment: myPharmacyLink is your free, patient-facing app. It helps you communicate directly with patients and build customer loyalty with your patients to your pharmacy.
  • Increasing digital brand awareness: Personalise myPharmacyLink with your pharmacy’s logo to help increase brand awareness.
  • Improving patient data quality and management processes
    When checking patient data, it is crucial that each patient profile includes a correct patient mobile phone number and email address.
  • Reviewing current level of pharmacy technology investment To ensure you are able to process electronic prescriptions and digitally communicate with patients.

For more information about electronic prescriptions: Visit eRX Script Exchange or review their latest FAQs